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Astrology for the Month

Astrology for August 2023

Astrology for August 2023   Are you feeling warm yet? Perhaps you are feeling a bit hot under the collar? That is to be expected this month. Here we are [...]

Astrology for July 2023

Astrology for July 2023   This month starts us off with a Full Moon in Capricorn on July 3rd.  This aspect illuminates what we are still trying to come to [...]

Astrology for June 2023 Astrology for June 2023     We start the Month off with a bang, as the North Node will conjunct Jupiter, June 1st in Taurus. This will pull us [...]

Astrology for April 2023 Astrology for April 2023     We have officially shifted into a different time and reality. It will take the next 19 months for this really different pattern to [...]

Astrology for December 2022

Astrology for December 2022Taking back our world with a storm Take this month to prepare for the upcoming Pisces Storms of 2023.I will talk more about that in my Astrology [...]

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