November 2, 2016

Numerology/Astrology for 11/3/16 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 11/3/16

11/3/16 is the number 5. What will motivate you to take action? What brings out your unconventional individualism? What allows you to make changes? Each choice you make adds a color and stroke to you personal life painting. Every time you do not take responsibility for your choices, you add energy to a place where you are viewed by others as inconsistent, unreliable, and/or rigid in your thoughts and actions. Are you afraid of creating upheaval and discord in your life so you have become complacent and stagnant? It is time to make some life choices and decisions. Use your intelligence to manifest the next steps that will outline your experiences in the future. A sextile between Mercury and Pluto, points to an improved psychological understanding of your life. Are you willing to look beyond the surface of things and investigate further? Perhaps more importantly, be patient and strategic in your decision-making moving forward. Conversations are probing, investigative, and meaningful. The Sagittarius Moon seeks out meaning and prompts you to look and forge ahead. The Moon continues its transit of Sagittarius for most of the day, until 11:05 PM EDT, after which it transits resourceful Capricorn.
~Suzanne Wagner~
We all eat lies when our hearts are hungry….

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Do you know what motivates you at this time? Do you see where fear is propelling you into a zone that you do not understand? When you make choices based on fear rather than on fact and a core depth of knowing yourself those choices often move you into a zone of more chaos rather than less chaos. We are learning to mature in a world of mis-information that is unprecedented at any time in history. It is our idealism and lack of objective observation that will pull the world either further into chaos of out of that chaos. You are being asked to dive deep into the turbulent waters of Neptune in Pisces and to learn to navigate murky, emotional water. That chaos that you feel is you. That uncertainty is you. That fear is you. That anger is you. The water of Neptune is a reflecting tool for you to see what you are in denial of. Take a look in the mirror and embrace all that you are. There is great energy when you allow the truth of your own dysfunction to be loved and fully integrated into a more functional place.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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