Poem  – The Kinetic Sculpture Race in Arcata, California

Poem  – The Kinetic Sculpture Race in Arcata, California

In Arcata’s vibrant heart, where laughter takes flight,

A kinetic spectacle, a wondrous sight,

The race of sculptures, wild and free,

Embodies the spirit of the crazy … in me.

Across the streets, where whimsy takes hold,

A parade of madness, stories created, yet to be told,

Creatures of metal, gears, and dreams,

Unleash the free spirit, in joy it brings.

Life’s too short to be serious and grave,

Let’s dance with laughter, that our spirits crave,

The Kinetic Sculpture Race, a joyful affair,

Where crazy ideas find the acceptance to dream and to dare.

With wheels that spin and colors that gleam,

Imagination soars, like a fantastic dream,

In each contraption, a tale is spun,

A fusion of art, engineering, and loads of fun.

Such moments we will cherish, when we come together,

Laughter unites us, in this kind of splendor,

Through humor’s lens, we find common ground,

With mirth and jest, these old friendships are found.

Arcata’s streets, alive with playful cheer,

As spectators gather, painted faces abound, ear to ear,

Faces adorned with smiles, eyes full of wonder,

The crowd, like a symphony, laughs with a thunder.

Life’s tapestry, woven with moments like these,

Where joy and connection bring us to our knees,

The Kinetic Sculpture Race, a celebration grand,

A reminder that whimsy should never be banned.

So let your spirit fly, embrace the absurd,

Break free from convention, let whimsy be heard,

For it’s in those moments, when we’re truly alive,

Because that the crazy part of us, is allowed to thrive.

In Arcata’s embrace, let’s join hand in hand,

Unleash the wildness, let freedom expand,

For life is a canvas, where laughter should be the paint,

With this race, my soul learned to have a joyful lack of restraint.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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