December 31, 2017

Predictions for 2018 – Astrological and Intuitive

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Predictions for 2018 – The Unpredictable, the Unusual, and the Unknown – The Astrology that Moves us into the Future

Doing the Predictions for this year has been an astronomical challenge. There is so much big astrology shifting and when outer planets change signs it is a big deal. In December of 2017 we had Saturn (the first outer planet) shift into Capricorn. Bringing with it a seriousness and bitter coldness towards our outlook into the future. Things got gloomy quickly.

All of 2017, things had been getting really REAL! And the shock of that had many attempting to fall back into old patterns and to lose themselves in addictive, escapist tendencies that ranged from drugs, addiction, alcohol, and falling into any illusion that supported the particular beliefs that made them feel comfortable. But it also illuminated the incredible dysfunction of many systems, governments, and the imbalances that have been slowly infecting and making our society toxic, the people ill, and unhappy. That revelation of the lack of function and moral values has created a type of chaos that breaks down systems and destroys foundational structures that have kept things flowing in a particular fashion.

But as all things have a time, it has become crystal clear to all that, that time … is definitely over. So now what?

In the eruption of fear that ensued and the waves of anger that have infiltrated, to a depth and level unprecedented in our experience, change always comes. But with all the energy focused in Capricorn (a frozen, melancholic, winter sign), let’s just say the going has been painfully slow and tedious because Saturn in Capricorn wants to build something that can stand the test of time but in Capricorn there is a degree of attention to detail that bogs it down in the muck until there is consensus and clarity. Which presently … is sorely lacking.

Global, massive change is inevitable. Total financial restructuring of global economies is also going to be re-written. And all of that is being fueled by an evolution in consciousness where the priorities are going to be shifted to allow for a very new path for humanity. The progression cannot be stopped or held back. A fire has been lit and that fire is one of purification that will burn down the houses of darkness and turn to ash those who stand in the way of the wave of humanity and earth connection.

In a way, we are living the movie, “Avatar”. We are now at this spot where nature is joining forces with humanity to fight back the tide of abuse of power that has fueled systems of corruption and greed to such a degree that the balance of life is clearly out of balance and now Nature is going to show these puny humans just how powerful “She” really is.

Jupiter will continue to shine a bright light into the darkness of Scorpio. Revealing those toxic and shameful behaviors of the most powerful and showing the dysfunction of power unchecked. That will continue through till November 2018.

Saturn will make the reality so uncomfortable that you can no longer ignore the truth and the suffering that this world has created for so many, animals, planets, ecosystems, and humans.

Uranus beginning its ending in Aries shifts things in an explosive way in May of 2018 but you will probably feel and see a foreshadowing of what is about to happen in April 2018. Take heed of that warning and make the necessary adjustments quickly. Adaptability is going to be your saving grace in this year’s chaotic changes. Uranus is going out of Aries and into Taurus May 15th, 2018 through November 6, 2018. It will then go back into Aries for a review to see if you learned the lessons necessary to proceed forward with as much grace as is possible in this lightning storm of life until March 6, 2019. At that time, it will go into Taurus for the long haul till July 7, 2025.

To better understand this cycle, I prefer to look backwards to let history show us the potential of how something looked in the past to see if we can do a better job than before. Sometimes I get such a strong Deja-vu because I believe that history is there to help remind us of what has transpired before so we can improve on a particular pattern. But it always amazes me how much humans ignore the history of their own past and are thus caught once again to repeat mistakes.

When did we have Uranus in Taurus before? That would have been about 80 years ago. On June 6th, 1934, Uranus entered Taurus. These were the years right after the Wall Street Crash, and the Great Depression. Creating a fertile ground for World War II. It was a time where the ration coupons replaced normal currency (think of Bitcoin). The value of currency went crazy in some countries. And questions arose around the fundamental value of human life. I expect this to completely repeat.

What is the value of an old person who has paid into the system their whole life for Social Security and Medicare? What is the value of a human being (the slave trade in Libya and the sex slave trade throughout the world). I will add to it, that growing movement of protecting animals and nature. So also, the question, “What is the value of livestock and the compassionate killing of animals that have feelings?”

The cycle is going to kick off with a bang in May 2018 and I expect you will be picking your jaw off the ground at many points and moments during that time. You will feel the storm building in April 2018. At this point (January 1, 2018) you can see the clouds gathering and you recognize that there has been a big shift in the wind. You know something is coming. It is making the hair stand up on the back of your arms and head. We are heading into an economic storm and no one will be able to stop it.

I expect some of this storm to be the revelation about the investigation into Donald Trump and his cohorts, the dangerous connections of the Republican Party and Russia, and the fall out and consequences of such treachery.

There will be a rising up of the people as they take their power back. I almost feel bad for corporations that have been abusing people because the lawsuits are going to start and just keep on coming. If I were a corporation I would clean up my act as quickly as possible and tell the truth. Take the hit now and don’t allow the resentment to build. Humanity is going to be like a bomb going off in righteous indignation. Companies that do right by their employees and act fair and use that money given to them by the Republicans in ways that serve their employees rather than the top echelons pocketbooks might survive this wave of anger with minimal damage. Needless to say, that is just a suggestion to those corporations reading this.

There will be a rise in cryptocurrency as people stop trusting bank and systems and instead prefer something that they feel they have more control over. I see more crowd-funding happening as people choose to support the people that they feel connected to rather than the government. I am sure Uranus is going to bring more new and innovative ideas into manifestation but right now we just cannot see what they might be. We have literally not yet evolved enough. But expect things to shift quickly which is why you need a new level of adaptability and trust in your own fluidity and flow as well as a strong trust in your intuitive knowing.

Uranus in Taurus is about a revolution in money. And with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, followed by Jupiter and Ceres over the next few years, I expect major changes in Prime Ministers, Presidents, Royal leaders, and Chief Executives. As businesses and governments attempt to appease the people by bringing new and fresh blood into a chaotically changing world. People in power are going to have the hardest time they have ever witnessed in about 240 + years. I expect to see jail sentences for many and at the minimum, very expensive lawsuits.

We are between a rock and a hard place. Pluto is going to transform everything, forever. What you know now is going to be practically worthless in the next few years. The only alternative is extreme flexibility and a willingness to adapt to a totally new and different world. This is going to precipitate a massive legal reformation of corporations, governments, and democratic processes.

We are in a time when we need tools. Lots of new tools. There will be new inventions and transformational technologies that will blow your mind. By 2020, you will look back and think how silly and limited we were thinking during this time. Uranus is a planet associated with distancing yourself and feeling a cold contempt if you feel ignored or pushed aside. Again, Corporations take heed to that warning.

The change of the value of currencies is going to be huge. The times of one bank, one credit card, or one currency is going to be over. Wall Street used to manipulate the value of things. But not anymore. There is going to be a grounded reality forging the value of things by the time this cycle is over.

Uranus in Taurus is the search for freedom, but I expect at first for it to feel like a “free for all”. There has to be a loss of security and stability for us to find a new “known” in such an unknown world.

Uranus replaces leadership, just as Uranus was overthrown by Saturn (his son), who became the New King. Expect positons of power to change out of the “old guard” into a younger and more innovative leadership.

Uranus is always “shocking” when it moves. You should be feeling this type of psychological shock even now. And that energy is shaking the very foundation of what you thought you knew. You are about to break the chains that have been limiting you and binding you to a particular reality that is no longer functional. Perhaps you never realized how the banking systems had controlled you and kept you under their thumb.

Uranus is an awakener. By 2026 you will look back and wonder how you could have been so dumb and gullible. You will be shocked at how you were asleep and being used and manipulated while the powers that be lulled you into complacency.

Not unlike the movie, “The Matrix”.

This is a cycle where you will illuminate the depth and level of corruption that you never believed was even possible. It never dawned on you that there were people with no morals or values that would intentionally harm others to this degree. The darkness is going to be exposed and once exposed the present system will not be permitted to continue.

You are being set free into the bright light of truth.

Yes, it will be shocking and confronting. But it will also be liberating. All you have to do is learn to manage your life in such a way that you keep moving forward. That is the way out of the dungeon of this old reality. Go towards the light and do not stop no matter how exhausted you feel. Uranus is going to invent a new world and those that make it into the light will be able to contribute to the biggest shift in finance, technology, and spiritual evolution that anyone has ever seen.

I think of the connection to Capricorn and those that want to climb up to the top. Those type A personalities that define themselves based on what they have and how high they managed to climb. I think of the skyscrapers and the fires that are presently happening in the world in those skyscrapers with the huge loss of life. I think of the crashing down of “golden” towers. I think of the flaws in construction, as people of power cut corners and put in shoddy work to make more money, at the cost of humanity and safety. And I think of the reconstruction of the financial systems that is about to take place.

Ultimately, I believe it is a good thing. But the process will put all of us to the test. Know that you are here for a reason. You are here to support a better world, one that considers those without a voice or power. You are here to contribute to this time in the way that you soul is compelled to take action. You cannot do it all. The shift is so big that there are compartments and sections that you are here to compliment and add too. Feel into what is right and then follow your intuition. This is a time that is less about personal power and individuation and more about combining forces that act for the good of humanity, animals, plants and this world. The fulfillment is not about what you can get but about what you came to give. That is going to be your legacy this year. That is going to be what makes you wake up in the morning and keep going. That is going to be what you tell your grandchildren as you help to mold a world that will allow them to thrive.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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