December 31, 2017

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Numerology/Astrology for 1/1/18
1/1/18 is the number 4. Are you complete with 2017? Have you let the past go? And are you ready to be more flexible in 2018? Well, we are about to find out. Establishing a new balance in which you embody a great deal of flexibility and adaptability is what is needed this year. While each of us in continuing our personal growth journey through the density of this earthly plane, we must remember to take risks into the unknown areas that present moving forward. Without a strong willingness to take some risks into completely unknown areas this journey might be more difficult than you expected. This year 2018 is the number 11. And that is the number of transcendence and enlightenment. Perhaps you got some clues last year as to the places that you were living in a fantasy or a self-created lie. This year is about opening to what is and expanding in ways that might seem contrary to the external situations. I like to think of it like the manzanita trees here in California that burst their seed pods only in a fire. So, when things are the worst is when those seeds explode out of the pods and begin their journey towards new life. Often trees sense a drought, and in turn produce more seeds than normal because that tree may die and it needs to create as many seeds as possible to continue life. This year is much the same. The environment is less than perfect. The conditions seem contrary to growth. But it is in such trials and tribulations that the strongest rise up and demand a shift. During this time of Neptune in Pisces, souls are being born that picked this intensely sensitive position in order to be a force of awakened consciousness. These souls born from 2012-2028 will not tolerate the insanity and destructive tendencies that are being exhibited at this time. And 30 years from now they will become the voice of a new society and a new way. That is how I hold onto hope. It is in struggle that strength is learned and earned. It is in hardship and suffering that a new era of peace and prosperity will rain down upon this planet. Now, all we have to do is not allow the corporations and oligarchs to destroy the beautiful life on this planet.
The Moon completes its transit of Gemini and enters Cancer at 3:11 AM EST. The Moon in Cancer is at home here and exhibits the qualities of warmth, familiarity, and safety. The Moon is full at 9:25 AM. Expect this Full Moon to illuminate the imbalances between your private life, your domestic side, the need for a solid and stabile home base, and a deepening quality of self-nurturing (represented by Cancer) versus your public life, your job or mission, your reputation, and an extreme expression of accountability for your actions (represented by Capricorn). Neglecting either end of the axis will surely backfire. Balance is the key. This Full Moon intends to balance your commitments with your career and home life. Something is exposed or illuminated, prompting you to get in touch with those things in your personal life that may have been neglected or that you have been putting off. Last year the external changes consumed so many at the expense of our body and emotional well-being. Now it is time to consider your next level of emotional and spiritual growth. The Sun and Neptune are moving towards a sextile, exact early tomorrow, and this tends to soften your rough edges. It is essential to take things as they come, one at a time. Do not think too far ahead because nothing you figure out right here will actually happen in the manner you perceive it to move. Never has your intuition and imagination been more important. You have to find the deeper meaning to your life. Your old self was a vehicle that got you to this point but now you have to let it go, put it in the crusher and start completely over. Something is changing and evolving inside you and that is a global shift in consciousness for the planet as well. Humanity is embarking upon a new evolutionary wave. At such times, there are always those that want to prevent the inevitable change that is happening and they can and will go to extreme measures to stop the progression that cannot be held back. This puts those that are ready for the leap in jeopardy. And those are the ones that will suffer at the hands of those whose fear overrides their humanity. But evolution cannot be stopped when such a huge wave of darkness threatens to overtake this world. Those holding the keys to the light are awake and awakening. I am excited to see what they will bring in the future to this world and this evolution. Respect your intuition and relax into this evolution rather than push against the darkness. You are at the right place at the right time because your hunches are more likely to be correct because you are more “tuned in” to the cosmic clock that is ticking. Move from your inspired and charitable self. Instinct is enhanced under this influence. You will be able to see matters and people, from a different perspective–one that allows for, and even finds beauty in, differences.

~Suzanne Wagner~



What to Remember When You Begin

What you can plan is too small
for you to live.
What you can live wholeheartedly
will make plans enough for the
vitality hidden in your sleep.
To be human is to become visible
while carrying what is hidden
as a gift to others.
To remember the other world in this world
is to live in your true inheritance.
You are not a troubled guest on this earth.
You were invited from another and a
greater night than the one from
which you have just emerged.

~David Whyte~





This year is going to bring memorable changes and choices to your life. It already started during the 4th quarter of 2017 when Jupiter moved into Scorpio and Saturn recently moved into Capricorn. Jupiter expands your belief system to open to something larger. Scorpio helps you cleanse, release and heal on an emotional level. Saturn in Capricorn help you renovate the very structure of your life. Over the past three weeks, Mars and Jupiter have been moving closer together towards their exact conjunction on January 6. If you are passionate about your dreams and goals, you can take action to bring them into manifestation. Others may be working more on the emotional plane. On the 17th, Venus moves through Aquarius until February 10. This is an excellent opportunity to reach out to meet new friends and explore new groups and organizations. Finally, and building energy up all month, there is a lunar eclipse in Leo on January 31, at almost the exact opposite degree as the August 7, 2017 lunar eclipse. Compare the issues and stories of your life now as compared to what you were saying last summer to get a perspective. Pay special attention to where your heart is engaged or disconnected. That is going to be the key to making it through this year successfully or not.

The New Year begins with a Full Moon on the 1st, another “Super Moon”. (12 degrees Cancer/ Capricorn, 6:24 PM PST). This creates a pattern in the sky called a kite, a diamond-shaped pattern that gives you abundant talents with some added pressure to make certain you use them. There is great harmony in the feeling-oriented water elements of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. You receive a lot of help if you work from the divine feminine perspective, yet the challenge is to bring emotions into a practical and workable form. The Sun in Capricorn wants you to deal with the mundane “real world” aspects of life, and Neptune in Pisces wants you to astral project beyond the veils that separate this material world from the great beyond. Put the two together and you can bring insightful and intuitive vision into a pragmatic form.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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