February 24, 2024


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Aleister Crowley Tarot: Satiety, Worry, Peace
Words of Truth: Lovers, Sexuality, Joy, Vibration
Mayan Oracle: Etznab, Imix, Unity
Medicine Cards: Horse, Moose, Deer
Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Ace of Disks, Six of Cups
Osho Zen Tarot: Innocence, The Fool, Experiencing
Healing Earth Tarot: Temperance, Shaman, Four of Rainbows

A couple of things jump out this month in the cards. The first is that we have a definite warming happening which is much needed after such a brisk and cold winter cycle. Whether the weather (during the Month of March) agrees with the cards is not the issue. The issue is about an emotional warming trend that allows for the expression and expansion of more love, joy, and sensual expressions. This helps after the emotional drama of last month’s astrology. I am sure everyone desires for things to calm down and focus less about just keeping up with all the things required. The indication is that we might have a bit more time to have some fun, be silly, and hopefully relax.
The card that jumps out at me this month is the card, Temperance. This is word that I believe we need to learn worldwide. This is a word of self-restraint, self-control, mental and emotional self-discipline, and addressing the excesses our of society and where we are continuing destructive patterns of over-indulgence.
Clearly, we are finally seeing how our choices and our governments are not addressing what is urgently important to the people. And with the astrology that is coming for the rest of the year, expect that frustration and the outward expressions of anger to boil over around August.
The Mayan Oracle lays it out beautifully. Etznab reminds us that the problem is that we are afraid to look into the mirror. The external dysfunction is a mirror to our own internal issues.
Until we are willing to look hard into that mirror and see things for what they are, the changes that are necessary are not going to move fast enough to have a significant impact.
Imix, says that the Earth Mother has been warning us and not enough of us have been listening. Or if they were listening, they were not taking action quick enough. The results have been stagnation and stalemates. We must figure out how to stop the few naysayers from blocking progress from those amazing souls that are fighting for the good. The Unity card is the key and that is that we must learn how to stop fighting each other and instead find ways that work so that we can come together in ways that serve us all.
There is powerful magic at work, but we have to remember to look for it on all the levels. And then listen to that message and take action.
The Medicine cards are the reminder that in this journey many of us have lost our sense of pride (Moose). We have forgotten the greater purpose of this life and we have become ensnared by the ego hooks of others to define us rather that to go on a spirit walk to reclaim our truth. Moose is the reminder that blindly believing in the accomplishments of others can lead us towards our own ruin. Horse tells us that no abuse of power will ever lead to wisdom. Because great wisdom comes at the expense of great humility. Those that are never wrong and that never show care for others (other than themselves) and who never express true humility, should not be given any forms of power that can damage and destroy the good that has been created by others.
This month we are reminded that true power comes from compassion, caring, teaching, loving, and sharing one’s gifts, talents, and abilities generously.
This month we notice where in our world there are those that exhibit a chronic lack of respect for those they serve. The question to ask this month is, “Am I doing things that bring more dignity to my existence and the existence of others?”
We are asked to remember that all pathways have equal value. And that belief is the key to bringing a balanced power to the family of humanity.
Deer reminds us to be gentle with ourselves and others. Notice those that project their own fear onto others. We cannot fight corruption and the imbalance of power by being trapped in the fears that others project out onto us. The only way to bring this terrible negativity and corrupt power construct back into balance is to remember that when we truly love ourselves and have compassion first for others, only then can we create an environment where demons will melt away because we finally see that fears cannot thrive in the soil where love, compassion, and gentleness reside.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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