February 24, 2024

Numerology for 2/25/2024

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Numerology for 2/25/2024

2/25/2024 is the number 17

2 + 2 + 5 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 4 = 17
1 + 7 = 8

The Number 8 might be a warning that this day is going to require you to take some deep breaths. Meaning that this day can challenge us in ways that are beyond our normal scope of expression.
Often in life we have to walk away from a fight or conflict. We must learn to not let our primal side of our brain lash out and react. It is always easier to instead go for a walk outside and gather our sanity back into a stable place. What is clear is that people will take all that we will offer.
I believe that most people are good (deep inside).
I see good people do more than their fair share because they want to do a good job and they want to carry their weight.
But there are always those few in power positions that do not. And they take credit for those doing the work and never give the credit where it is deserved.
This causes stress and emotionally it also causes suffering.
It seems like such a simple thing to appreciate those that have our back.
But egos do not like to share power. Egos like to pretend that they are the only essential wheel keeping things going.
But that is never true. We all are in this together. We all work hard for certain goals and to make things run smoothly.
But today, is a day when we might feel as if we have taken on too much and are not getting paid for all we do, nor are we getting any of the credit. This might be the moment to take a look at your job description. And if you are doing someone else’s job for them, it might be time to change your strategy and step back, then hand it to the appropriate person.
Before you snap, take a walk and allow the movement to create a space of openness so that something new can come into form. Do not allow the actions of others to pull you into despair.
Remember that most businesses can never pay you what you are worth. Then create some systems of checks and balances that will allow you to feel honored and respected. One way is to write down clearly in an email to your bosses what you have accomplished each day.
That way when someone tries to take credit you have a paper trail that is distributed to more than one person. Another is to begin to employ appreciation exercises with everyone on staff. So that each person gets a chance to feel appreciated for their contribution.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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