January 23, 2024

Astrology for 1/24/2024

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Astrology for 1/24/2024

The Moon in Caner all day calls us home with a warmth and love that allows us to drop in and appreciate this wonderful life that unfolds even in mysterious ways. Notice that if we set the ego aside, and allowed our soul to speak, none of us would want to actually change a thing. Even the tough moments are now part of our great storytelling moments.
Even our crazy moments shared can surprise the youngsters that think that they were the only ones doing crazy things are certain ages. I love to see their shocked faces as I tell my stories. It makes me smile and I think, I might be older than them, but I remember well, all the insane choices that taught so much and shaped who I am today. Sometimes we have to test the edges to discover who we really are.
Today’s Moon is a reminder that thinking often stops or inhibits the magic from happening. But with this Moon is sextiling to Uranus, the memories of other times come flooding in and we see how family pushes us, tests us, gives us something to resist so that we claim who we are rather than mimic their patterns that (to us) seemed stuck or dysfunctional.
Today, is a day that allows us to recognize how our roots give us the base and the patterns that we chose to overcome in this life. But it also shows us that the aspects of our family that trigger us the most … also teach us the most.
Mercury will quintile to Neptune giving our thoughts and feelings a more idealistic and spiritual quality. We feel the intent behind the words used by others. And we can even feel the deeper underlying impulses in our own words and sharing.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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