January 26, 2024

Astrology for 1/27/2024

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Astrology for 1/27/2024

Feeling tired? I am not surprised. There is a lot moving in the cosmic sense of reality. We are all being asked to speed up in order to make the necessary adjustments in this rapidly shifting world. But this is what is being asked and required of all of us, so at least we are not alone.
The Moon shift into Virgo this afternoon and those things that require more attention to detail are going to be more in focus for the next few days. This is attempting to show us our problem areas and those places where we are still out of touch with these cosmic forces that have a new agenda for all of us to experience. Pluto and the Sun both in Aquarius says that we are being asked to play a very different game. And that game has very new sets of rules that require us to pay attention to.
The big news is that Uranus will station and go direct today. This retrograde has bogged us down in delays since September 1st, and it has been causing us this heaviness over these many months. It has been frustrating that we just cannot seem to get things going. But that is all about to change and quickly. This planet is going to slowly put the pedal to the metal and our rebellious nature is going to have a say in quite a few things. Changes externally are going to be happening in very surprising ways and that could make some very nervous. But dragging our feet will not make the situation any better.
Mercury and Mars conjunct and then these two dynamic energies will square to the North Node. Seems that we are moving towards fixing problems not making more of them. We will finally have that much needed energy and motivation to communicate things from our mind and get back on the track. While this aspect can be very exciting, it can also make some people care only for themselves and the messes that they can make and then throw in our paths. I pity such souls because they serve no one and they operate with no value, honor, or integrity.
There is a lot of energy happening inside our heads and that can make us anxious, overthink things, and around emotional issues … procrastinate.
Expect to encounter impatient people that are just terribly unhappy and do not have skills to move through such complex feeling easily. Many things will feel turbulent and disjointed. When egos rule, impatience is sure to follow.
Venus and Saturn sextile and while Venus wants to soothe and feel loved and appreciated. Saturn wants to create more stability and values those things upon which we can depend. This aspect will help us recognize that we have responsibilities for our longstanding alliances and that we need to understand the feelings of others as well as our own. We want to feel as if we have sound judgment and that our planning will actually get us to where we want to go.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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