January 27, 2024

Astrology for 1/28/2024

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Astrology for 1/28/2024

With all this Aquarius moving us forward, we are in an innovative mood around work and money. Add to that, Mercury and Uranus will trine and let’s just say that minds are looking for answers, solutions, and they are looking ahead to what might be around the bend that we will need to be ready for.
While we don’t yet know the answers, we somehow trust that we will know them eventually. We believe in our ability to figure things out. And that gives us enough motivation to look and express ourselves differently.
The old self seems to be shedding its skin and a new “us” is emerging. That seems quite nice actually and we are enjoying this molting process as we are seeing some new results that are very encouraging. There is a new type of self-discipline and as we have more control over our mind and body … we feel better and that gives us more incentive to keep going. Conversations are also going to be quite inciteful and we like these new perspectives.
This astrology will give us more than just new ideas. It also gives us speed with a deeper understanding and knowing.
It also helps that two very positive planets, Jupiter and Venus will trine. Just what we need to let our spirits soar and support a warm and generous spirit. These lovely planets do more than just create a more gentle demeanor. They also give us strength to express bigger emotions that seem to need expression.
While it is Sunday, these combined aspects can make it a somewhat lazy day. And if that is what your body needs … then take the time to do that.
Today, we will not tolerate those that are rude or inappropriate. We want to surround ourselves with those we can trust and those that we are most comfortable with.
With the Moon in Virgo, with these aspects, we can get a lot organized and accomplished if we are willing to take the time to create some new systems that work for everyone.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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