January 31, 2024

Astrology for 2/1/2024

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Astrology for 2/1/2024

The Moon will shift this afternoon out of the balancing act of Libra and into the emotionally deepening sign of Scorpio. Until then we are striving to keep things moving and aligned. We notice anything or anyone that is out of sync with what we have in mind.
Once the Scorpio Moon engages. We are off on a grand adventure into our deepest self, our hidden emotions, and to discover the power that we now need to find.
Today is a day where it seems prudent to let some old behaviors go and to not allow the fear to stop you from any journey. Especially the inward type. It is a good day to discover our intentions and what is motivating our actions. Because of Scorpio’s depth and intensity, be aware of things that make one paranoid or make us want to manipulate others in order to get what we want. Both of those tactics are not advisable.
Especially with the Moon squaring to Pluto. Pluto holds our karmic debt and its message asks if you are aware? If you are not you can suddenly be falling down a slippery slope and back into a karmic loop that is difficult to escape. Stay awake! Stay aware! Remember to pay attention to those small undercurrents that pull us off track and back into dysfunctional patterns.
Saturn and Mars will semi-square, so know that problems loom right in front of you and we will need to move carefully and not rush blindly ahead. Expect to find a few obstacle courses along your projected trajectory. Then slow down some more and decide what is really worth the effort.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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