February 1, 2024

Astrology for 2/2/2024

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Astrology for 2/2/2024

We are in the last quarter of the Moon, and the Moon is in Scorpio, with the Sun is squaring the Moon. We feel the tensions rising but we cannot determine the exact cause. The depth and push from these aspects requires us to look at all the messages and signals coming in and try to make sense out of them all.
It is quite a task. We are noticing more subtle messages coming in and we get that spirit is trying to get our attention. It is in the translation of that information that seems to be difficult.
We want to act, and we want to find a direction that suits this new self we are becoming. But we are at the beginning of a much larger shift. It will take time to sort things out and so allow space between decisions so we can remember that as we grow, we also will need to let go.
The Aquarian mindset is becoming louder and more insistent. Deep inside our intuitive knowing many new things are beginning to make sense in our mind.
With Mercury sextile to Neptune, we feel inspired enough that we do not need another’s explanation as we seem to understand things more and do not want to defer to another’s translation.
It feels good to begin to trust our instincts and to act on them with a more integrated and awakened mind. Remember to let the compassionate heart lead and our gentle self to reach out first.

Today, there is nos a need to be right, only the need to help others find a place where they can open, forgive, and find a new place of freedom.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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