February 19, 2024

Astrology for 2/20/2024

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Astrology for 2/20/2024

With the Moon in Cancer, we are still concerned with those we love, and we want more options to find our path through the chaos that is smoother and more fulfilling.
This Moon will work with Uranus to bring out new ways, skills, and methods for us to try. Seems that we need to get out of our rut. While the familiar is always comforting, it seems that the astrology is telling us that we need to find flexibility and fluidity with the current changes required.
Instead of contracting, notice what would happen if one did not resist or constrict … and instead found ways to flow with excitement and wonder.
We are learning that sometimes safety and security is constraining. And as we move into this Aquarian Age, we need to embrace change not as an enemy to our comfort but as a way to generate more global peace and prosperity for all.

Sometimes, the dawn begins, and we are grateful for another day. Other mornings, we wake up concerned about what yet may come. Today, the minor square between the Sun and Chiron later in the day, can bring us face to face with something that is still healing and from which we still feel very vulnerable.
Let today bring more gratitude and less fear. May we learn that by embracing our own healing … we learn that carrying the burdens of the past are tremendously heavy and distracting to our higher purpose.
But if we allow the truth in, we are no longer dragging some heavy chain, but we free ourselves from those chains and can finally walk as our own hero out of the caves of karma instead of appearing to others as if we are holding onto a cloak of victimization and wounding.
One needs to be willing to heal rather than needing others to admit fault. That drive for self-healing needs to be stronger than feelings of retaliation and revenge.
Fortunately, Venus and Chiron’s connection today gives us an ability to see past those old and dark feelings and instead support us in embracing that potential that we long to integrate peacefully.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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