February 26, 2024

Astrology for 2/27/2024

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Astrology for 2/27/2024

The Moon in Libra craves balance. Though for many of us … balance seems hard to find on a global level, but it can be found on a personal level if we are willing to listen to our intuitive knowing and then from there make a new plan. With this Libra Moon, we feel more sensitive to the needs of others, and we strive towards more cooperative ways.
We finally have the Mar/Jupiter square aligned and so as this day progresses it will calm down all that restlessness and anxiety that has been plaguing us over the last few days. However, it is best to not act in impulsive and sudden ways for a few more days.
Mercury and Uranus will quintile and we want others to see us differently. We want to be acknowledged for the contribution that we are giving to our work and life. Seems that we are not wanting to be associated with any herd mentality. Instead, we want to be seen as creative, innovative, and that our approach has technical merit.
The Sun and Mercury will come together in Pisces and these two planets are also going to be aligning with Saturn. This pattern and aspects make us have insights that can help us make a very necessary turn.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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