February 4, 2024

Astrology for 2/5/2024

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Astrology for 2/5/2024

Our emotions flow with optimism and hope with the Moon in Sagittarius. We want to see if we can all get along. Let’s hope so.
Mercury shifts into Aquarius and as it does, it will conjunct Pluto. Expect this to bring new intensity to situations that require a lot of mental focus because choices will have more intense consequences. So, choose wisely and for the greater good of all.
Things will seem to progress in directions that require us to respond. Do not allow yourself to fall into the feelings of weakness now, as this is not the path that should be traveled.
Choices will require immediate consequences. While some want to be reasonable, it can be very difficult to separate our emotions from what needs to intellectually be done.
Careful assessment is going to be required but make no bones about it, actions are more important than pondering if we can negotiate with another at this precise moment.
Actions show where the boundary is and it seems that the mood is to draw a line in the sand.
Because Mercury and Pluto are connected at the hip, we can have great concern about certain matters. We need to get to the bottom of what is causing these situations. The discomfort demands us pay attention and make another choice.
While we need to respond we also will be seeking other avenues to eventually have a solution that serves … as well as solves.
Today, we are bringing to light things that have been festering in the minds and hearts of others. There are those that obsess and intend to manipulate regardless of any situation.
Be aware that some want to fight with words just to hear themselves talk. But today, those souls have a much darker agenda. This can cause much worry and concern for those that do not have the awareness of what is going on below the surface.
Realize that we don’t know everything and that situations are more radical that we understand. The tension is going to really get to us, and I hope this causes us to be motivated to make beneficial changes.
Venus and the Sun will semi-sextile and then they both connect with Chiron. We want love and to feel that deep affection. But we seem to have some underlying internal and external tensions that are creating old patterns of guilt to come back into our awareness.
We are seeking to understand our past and our own indecision. We want to make sense out of certain moments that continue to impact us. Circumstances will trigger us to remember that we were tremendously vulnerable in our past and in those moments, we were without certain essential tools to move consciously through moments successfully. We seek to understand who we were back then and who we have become now.
We know we need to find a bridge to help integrate our past with our present self. That is how we will heal and find a way to grow into something better in the future.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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