February 5, 2024

Astrology for 2/6/2024

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Astrology for 2/6/2024

We wake refreshed and renews with the last light of the inspired Sagittarius Moon. Then this morning the Moon moves into the more mentally focused sign of Capricorn. Stability matters more now, and we put our adventurous self, to the side … temporarily.
Uranus in Taurus wants to spur us forward and make changes. But it will quintile to Saturn, and we try a new tactic to find how to balance the past with our future, our ideals with a more practical approach.
I find it interesting that this exact aspect will come back from September through November this year, during the election cycle.
We want to make this world better. We seek ways to actively improve the lot that the universe has given us. To do that we have to stay grounded and do what is necessary. Today, our approach comes from a calmer center. We have the ability to steady our emotions and lean into the necessary changes with less resistance.
The North Node and Venus will square today. Unfortunately, this can make some people quite disagreeable. Their internal dissatisfaction can make them difficult to work with and there can seem to be disagreements over the simplest of things.
Compromise might be out of the question. Perhaps try tomorrow. It might be best to not try to come to a decision today. Too much is up in the air.
However, the Sun will harmonize with the North Node this afternoon and we seem to have the courage to take things head on. At least we won’t back down or let others step all over us.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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