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Astrology for 4/1/2024

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Astrology for 4/1/2024

The Moon goes into Capricorn, and we seek to plan out our next steps. Great things require preparation. We are responsible for the things that we create in life. As we put energy and love into those things, hopefully they become alive. But we are still responsible for their evolution and they (in turn) support our growth as well.
We are in the last quarter Moon, and it will square with the Aries Sun. We are being asked to honestly look at if we are on a correct path. We are asked to see if our choices come from maturity and wisdom or childish and selfish motives.
Doing what is right is often very hard. And that is clear with the next steps that lie ahead of us. Doing the right thing will often interfere with personal agendas and the plans that others often require and want from us.
We are to look at how to make something grow when the current form is not yet clear. We are asked to finish things when we cannot see all the steps. We are being asked to find clarity when we sense too much confusion. Remember that Mercury is going still in the sky preparing for a retrograde. It can be difficult to maintain direction when conversations seem muddled. It can be difficult to get down to brass tact’s when too many pieces are not in place.
Retrogrades are all about the universe giving you a cosmic redo. Be careful about texting as you might send the wrong message to someone that you might regret. Do not do things in haste. Chances of mistakes happening come with high consequences. Notice if your words and body language are congruent. If you aren’t noticing, I guarantee that others will. People are paying closer attention to the small things and not listening to others can cause you to have to pay a higher-than-normal cost if you are not careful. If you are trying to make a conversation, get finished … you will be seen as very rude and impatient. This will work against you in the long run.
We are in a moment where the energies of Aries dominate with the Sun, Chiron, North Node, and Mercury all having a convention in this sign that wants us to focus on us first.
Because we are being asked to reflect on anger and past hurts, remember that just because you are feeling it now does not mean what you are feeling it actually happening now. While circumstances can feel like the potential of a repeat are right there, the truth is that what we are feeling is much … much older than this current moment.
Eclipses bring what was in the shadows into the light. They require us to prepare for how we can stand up for ourselves and for what it right. This eclipse series asks us to notice if we have given too much of ourselves away. Seems that we can no longer put the priorities of others ahead of ourselves. This is not to be selfish but sensible. We now recognize that our reserves are depleted, and we don’t have enough energy to keep up the past co-dependent patterns.
Sometimes we have to get angry enough to push past our fears and resistance to upsetting others. Only when we treat ourselves with great compassion can we actually offer it to others. Only when we love and respect ourselves are we truly able to love and respect others.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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