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Astrology for December 2023


Get ready! Because December is going to be a wild ride on every level. We begin this month with Mercury going into Capricorn on December 1st. Capricorn has a sobering quality that makes us look realistically at things. Its serious tone makes each of us want to step back and try to look at things in a more cool, calm, and collected manner.
But on December 3, Venus amplifies its energy as it is in the last degrees of Libra, but it will square Pluto in Capricorn. Emotions run high, and we have the potential for volatile actions, so keep your eyes peeled and watch out for those who want to lash out in retribution rather than make the effort to find balance.
Then, on December 4th, Venus will go into Scorpio. So, get ready for love to become much more intense. Just know that you will want to feel a great deal of safety before you dive into the deep end of the games of vulnerability and intimacy. Trust is essential. So, if you are not sure about someone, it might be best to learn patience and notice when you decide to slow down the process if the other person’s true colors show up.
Do not make commitments that are impulsive and in moments of passion. You will regret them later. The potential to draw in a great deal of drama is very high. Just remember that as this astrology has been unfolding over the past seven years, those on the edges of sanity are falling off, and those that were even normal are now a bit on the edge.
This Venus will trine Saturn in Pisces on December 5th and while this is great for creative adventures, it can add too much fuel to a fire, making some hot under the collar.
December 6th Neptune will stop its retrograde and begin to straighten out as it prepares to move forward. This will be great for those who have been refusing to take those blinders off. Seems that now, even those blinders are crumbling and falling apart. During this time, too many may feel as if they have to face hard truths. It can be very hard for those who have resisted the obvious.
December 8th Jupiter in Taurus will trine to Mercury, and it is going to bring many issues to the surface that now need to be discussed. Mercury is preparing to go retrograde, and looks like it is stalling in the sky. Best to back up computers on the 8th and recognize that any upgrades might need to be put aside for a few weeks will the bugs are ironed out.
Venus will go into opposition to Jupiter on December 10th, and this is a great day for all things around love. If anyone out there is wanting to pop the question, this would be the day to do it. The chances of getting a positive answer are higher.
December 13th is a big day for a few reasons. We have a New Moon in Sagittarius, and it helps stimulate that party atmosphere. Confidence is heightened, and we feel pulled towards some new goals that we now feel might be possible in the light of this Moon. Mercury will also turn retrograde, so know that we need to expect travel delays, information snafus, and miscommunication.
Then, the retrograde Mercury will trine Jupiter on December 18th. I expect many complicated negotiations to be happening during that time. Because of the Mercury retrograde, it is best not making any decisions or sign papers until January. (Unless you were born in a Mercury Retrograde).
The Sun goes into Capricorn on December 22nd and then it will conjunct Mercury. The next day, the retrograde Mercury will go back into Sagittarius. Add to that, Venus will be in opposition with Uranus, and we are tempted to do a few new and crazy things. Adventure is calling us, and we want to break out in some way that calls to our hearts.
Try to have a calm and quiet solstice. Reflect on the progress made this year and know that rewards are coming your way next year for a job well done.
Expect Christmas to be lovely. December 25th, Neptune and Venus will trine, and it will feel as if all things make sense.
The Full Moon happens (the day after Christmas) December 26th, in Cancer. The hearts of the family shine brightly, and we want to connect in meaningful ways. There will be things coming to light that will help us get going on those things that we have been putting to the side. As this Full Moon shows us the path ahead, the Sun will trine to Jupiter and this will allow us to remember that love is the path and we are here to learn to comfort others when we can.
Mercury and Mars decide to go into a square with Neptune on December 27th and 28th. With Mercury already in retrograde, expect problems with travel and communication. It is a choice to not argue or go into places that have no good answer. It can feel exhausting on so many levels, and it can make us feel strained by the effort over this past year.
But Venus will go into Sagittarius on December 29th and then Jupiter will be coming out of retrograde on the 30th. It is going to finally feel as if we are turning the corner on many levels. Our outlook improves, and our enthusiasm is fueled by a more direct approach to situations. This gives us a huge sigh of relief after a trying and tumultuous year. We say goodbye to 2023 on a positive note and a more upbeat attitude.
So, now that you know the process of December, find those places where you can prepare to release the old energy of 2023 and move into the magnified yet dynamic possibilities for 2024.
Out of the negative can come great things. We are looking at a potential that our souls desperately need to strive towards.
Together, we can make it happen.
What we have learned we are being asked to share. What we dream is now the goal that is finally coming into focus.
While we have changed much, we are also lighter in our perspective. Buoyed by the energy at the end of this year, we feel confident that we can move things along and make the most out of 2024.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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