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Astrology for June 2024

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Astrology for June 2024

June usually moves like an outward explosion of passion and creative expression. But this year, that energy is being directed internally. However, it can bring agitation, frustration, and (in some) aggression. Even though we are in the time of social Gemini, it seems that not much talking is happening. Situations are being analyzed on deep levels of our subconscious, and as they sort themselves out, it is difficult to share that journey, but later on, sharing the resolution and outcome is going to be lovely.
June is a big month for weddings, and to say that love is in the air only adds some finesse and wonder to the expressions of June. Much unfolds around love, intimacy, and relationships. It can feel as if there are added pressures on us, and that can bring about some discord and upset.
This month can bring people back from our past, and that forces us to consider whether we have let things go or if conversations need to be had to clear the air. Just remember that love is messy, complicated, and often points out those places where we are not yet healed.
Regardless, do not fall into the traps of past longing. Stay the course forward. Things are moving forward, and drastically changing directions would now be a folly.
June stirs the pot and brings up quite a few issues. But know that all of those things will be smoothed out in July, so let the little stuff go. This month is a tricky balance between what life is asking of us and what we need to do for work. Some tensions seem obvious but force us to take the initiative.
This is a month when we must embrace the fact that many things need to be cleared up. Old projections and misunderstandings are going to need to be sorted through. We are clearing out the family closets. This is a month to remember that offering authentic kindness is the first step to healing old wounds.
It will feel as if more is going on internally, and our soul requires us to look at things very differently. This is a month for meditation, self-awareness, and personal discoveries.
This is a great month for creative expression, finishing up some things that help us find inner solace and a new type of external expression. The best communications this month show up through our artistic expressions. Art allows us to express deeper emotions metaphorically rather than verbally, and often, they are better received that way as well.
Overall, this is a month of healing, reconciliation, and deepening our most intimate relationships. Just remember that engaging with others this month is about rebuilding trust and creating stronger connections with those we love. We are to remember to appreciate others and allow for moments where we transcend the past and learn to be present in this moment.

June 1-3, 2024 – Jupiter in Gemini will trine to Pluto in Aquarius. This is probably the most powerful influence not just for the month of June but for the rest of the year. Because Pluto moves so slowly, this configuration with Pluto stays very dynamic this whole year. And Mercury will also aspect this trine as is moves into Gemini. There will be a flurry of big shifts that can feel amazingly smooth. The benefits clearly outweigh the challenges. Blessings and allies are bringing a powerful mobilization of many energies to help us realize our goals and aspirations and bring us into a more fertile place of creative expression. It seems we are finally gaining some much-needed momentum. While all trines are good, this one with the God of the Underworld, Pluto, is especially interesting because it loves to bring destruction for some and regeneration for others. Sometimes, it brings both. While Pluto likes to go deep. Jupiter brings with it too many options, too many choices, and lots of opinions. Think of Pluto as the dark spaces in the womb and Jupiter as that sperm seeking the egg. Creation often happens in the void or the darkness. Something is trying to be created, and the question is, what? Do you know what you are creating, or is something being created unconsciously in your life to force you to grow up? Pluto, at this degree, is powerful, but it can put us on edge. Its intensity can feel somewhat ominous and even a bit foreboding. While positive Jupiter tries to smooth over Pluto’s rough edges, Jupiter is also a rapidly transforming planet. So, things can change on a dime. Be very aware of when situations start increasing in intensity. The best way to handle this energy is to remember that Pluto and Jupiter are both in air signs. The way through is to have a flexible mind and be willing to integrate new thoughts and ideas. If you keep the big picture in mind, then the small and necessary steps become more obvious. Aquarius likes the big overview, long-term goals, and keeping that universal desire in alignment with our daily activities. Gemini has a more playful and socially engaging way about it, and it wants to generate new technologies and systems to make dreams possible. It may feel like you are trying to teach an engineering class in a coffee shop. We are trying to merge very different patterns, but they can actually be complimentary.
I see this aspect as how Tolkien had a group of other writers who met for decades to discuss their writing and support each other’s creative process. There is a powerful moment when balance comes between our creative and social selves and our more big-picture, change the world, and make a difference … part of our reality.

Venus goes into Gemini – This aspect brings out our flirty and fabulous side.

Mercury goes into Gemini – June 3, 2024. This lovely aspect wants to take a walk with the Jupiter and Pluto trine. The key to remember is if you don’t really want to know the answer, it would be best not to ask the question. That is because the answer will require more depth than one currently has, and that will take us on a long road of inquiry and research. But it could be a great summer project. This powerful combination could also tip over that iceberg, revealing what lurks deep underneath the obvious.

New Moon in Gemini on June 6th.
  This can give us a real shot in the arm and the energy to help us feel more euphoric and happier. Just know this will not last long, so take advantage of it while it lasts. When so many options are available, it can feel as if you are at a farmers’ market trying to figure out what you really want. If you need to get somewhere between the 3rd and the 17th. You will have an easy time of it.

Mars will square with Pluto on June 11th.
Expect tensions to increase.

Mercury squares Saturn on June 12th.
So, expect a few complications and glitches. But not to worry because on June 17th, Mercury will square to Neptune, and a solution will be found.

Mercury will conjunct the Sun in Gemini on June 14th, which will allow us to feel as if we are finally in a flow and
have clarity and insight.

Venus and Mercury will go into Cancer on June 17th,
and then we will change signs with the Sun into Cancer on the 20th. It may feel as if we are finally getting relief from all the mental stimulation and trying to figure things out. The shift into Cancer brings a cozier edge into the mix, and conversations seem calmer, more romantic, and more intimate. It is a perfect time for a time to get away and just be with the one you love.

Saturn goes retrograde on June 29th. It is time to take another look at the plan that you have been putting together. The goalpost shifted, and so now what once was is no longer the point going forward. Remember, all plans begin, and then we have to learn to take the turns that the universe advises and find a better and more productive path.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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