June 11, 2023

Sneak Peek into the Astrology of July 2023

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Sneak Peek into the Astrology of July 2023

Just giving a heads up, that on July 20th, we will have a rare grand cross that intends to help us understand that when we are asked to take such huge leaps in new directions that such a thing will always have very destructive side effects.
All around that date, expect to feel discouraged and stuck. That is because Pluto and the North Node are in a confrontation of sorts. It will seem as if those in positions of authority are out to ruin our mood.
That is not true … but it will feel as if everyone is thwarting us.
It will be important to speak from our core beliefs and know that someone or something (the universe) is testing to see if we have what it takes to get to the next level.
That moment will not be about proving that we are right or that everyone will go along with our position.
It is about seeing if we have the ability to organize and control our thoughts in stressful situations.
This is going to be all about illuminating something that needs to shift.
Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth. Know that whatever is asked of us will be worth in in the end. Don’t overthink an action, just do what is necessary. One does not need to understand it at this time. That will come later.
Part of the lesson unfolding in July is going to point out those things that are no longer worth it for you. Seems that a healthier sense of self will have less tolerance for those in chaos.
I wanted to give this “heads up” for July because of the extreme challenges that will roll out quite quickly.
It may make all of us feel out of sorts and out of balance. Such things cause upsets on multiple levels. The trend will be to walk away from things that are exhausting.
Truth is … it is time.
For many of us, health is going to become paramount. We look to what is natural and a habit, and now recognize that we need to go for a solid break from the unhealthy things that keep us slightly off with no energy and aggravate a lack a focus.
We can no longer ignore the signals our body is sending us.
Remember that minor setbacks are normal. Don’t get discouraged.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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