June 15, 2024

Astrology for the Week of June 16-22, 2024

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Astrology for the Week of June 16-22, 2024

Suzanne Wagner Poem – Solstice June 2024

Batton down the hatches and get ready to go!
The winds are changing, and the tides are beginning to really flow.
This week … we will come into the Solstice Sun
The days are warm and we are ready to run.

And that is a good thing as we move into this time of abundance and heat.
This is the time of picnics with all good and sweet things to eat.
Pack up those things that allow you to play outside.
Then get in that car and go for a wonderful ride.
~Suzanne Wagner~

This week the changes are for the good inside our heart and soul. We want to play with others and reconnect to those parts that are from our past and that still call to us from somewhere deep inside.

June 16th, Venus will enter Cancer. Setting the stage for the seasonal shifts that midsummer brings. Emotions are heightened but in a pleasant and joyful way. It is as if we are being reintroduced to our older, wiser, and deeper self. There will be a lot of activity, but it will not feel hard. This aspect allows for grace and ease, as we breathe in the warm summer air. Connecting with others is something that is not just soothing but is also healing for our core. We deserve to be cared for and loved. We deserve to be nurtured and supported. We intend to be kinder to ourselves and others.
Venus will be in Cancer till July 11th, so there is enough time to put in some practice in the areas of self-love and personal support.

June 17th, Mercury goes into Cancer and the Moon will go into Scorpio. With all that water, emotions are running high, and we are looking for sharing memories with others and reconnecting parts of ourselves that have been sleeping and dormant for a while. The subconscious is waking up and it is a joyful moment.
Mercury is the data collector of the universe and as such, relaying information to others and being the central point from which those things move out, gives us great joy. We are going to go deep into the emotional waters of Cancer and Scorpio, and as such, it is best to relish the experience and savor each precious moment.
Mercury can act like the videographer/photographer for all special moments, capturing those moments when the joy is exploding out into the world.
Expect conversations to be emotional and real. The layers of ego dissolve away and we enter into a domain where logic is not needed or wanted. We want to talk about what we feel and how we are now. Our vulnerabilities are softly revealed with great compassion and concern. We witness the tremendous growth of others and celebrate that new level of awareness with them. Stripped bare of things that never really mattered we decide to go skinny dipping into the beautiful freedom that true friends offer.

June 20th, the Sun will square to Neptune. Just before the Cancer Sun arrives. There is a final dance that Neptune in Pisces will have with each of us. Our imagination runs wild, and we dream of impossible things. While Neptune can stir the pot and cause emotional distress, I imagine that this one is more of an opportunity to reconnect to what has laid dormant for too long. We remember energies that were so familiar but have faded with time. But now, they are alive and vibrant as ever. This is a moment to just be. It is so restful and refreshing to feel that space without needing to do or be anything other than what you are. We reclaim a space where we allow the love and devotion in our hearts to vibrate so strongly that it melts away the fear and becomes a soothing balm to our psyche.

June 20th, the Sun in Gemini will square Neptune in Pisces. The Sun will then go into Cancer, and we celebrate the Summer Solstice. The mind and emotions find new ways to merge and because of their effort … we feel more whole and rejuvenated. We recognize that we need more of those things that nurture us deeply. Refreshed with a greater understanding and a more integrated memory, we see that we feel safe and that we love what we are becoming. It is time for us to come home. We are finally coming home to ourselves and to see that “home” is a feeling from our inner world. It is less about a place in the outer world. A shift is happening that is profound and enlivening. Where is it taking you next?
Remember to go at a reasonable pace and to recognize that you are looking out from a rose-colored lens right now. But that is a good thing. Let your intuition guide you through the many emotional experiences that you have had and allow something to be expanded because of the power of the love that is now becoming present.
We are at the Summer Solstice, and we celebrate the longest day of the year. As the Sun boldly appears to stand still in the sky, we embrace this peak experience and allow its warmth to heal us from the trials of this life and give us the essential energy to keep going further into this one. We are to remember that we are abundant and that now is the time to share.

June 21st, there is a Full Moon in Capricorn.
While we are in the power of a Cancer Sun, the Full Moon in Capricorn gives us a more sacred structure in which to put all those offerings that are supportive of creating safety and things that are sacred. The stability that we crave is there for us if we will allow the mind to suspend those old narratives and beliefs. This Full Moon is a mirror into our deepest self, and it is time to shine its soft light into our own darkness so that we can retrieve those treasures that we are now ready to embrace. You can see that you are more and because of that, doorways are opening so that you can access more of who and what you want.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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