March 19, 2024

The Week In Astrology – March 19-25, 2024

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This Week in Astrology –March 19-25, 2024

We are in the eclipse week. If you have been feeling as if you are trying to get back to basics … you are not alone. There seems so much trying to distract our attention away from what we believe is important. We are feeling mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually challenged. We need to remember our values and to focus on what we desire the most for this week.
Just remember that what you want is fine, but you do not want to push your opinion on others. Trying to make all things fit into your parameters is a very bad idea. Ultimatums could backfire and there is just too much conflict and intensity to be able to be really clear for yourselves … much less others.
There are a lot of things in flow. We are going to be required to find a balance between our assertive side and our introspective parts. Many will feel as if they are being called to act, but with this comes tremendous tension and often friction. We are feeling emotions because of the energy of Pisces winding down and the coming of the astrological time of Aries.
Seems there is something boiling deep down in our private oceans, and it seems that Spring wants to create a pivotal moment and is asking us to have courage and to wake up!
As the week progresses, it will feel as if our minds get less confused and more intensely focused. Expect things to move rapidly from this point forward for the next month.
We feel a type of urgency that can make us feel more adamant and less flexible.
We are entering into the season that wants us to move with boldness and courage. But what we see with this next week is that we need more self-discipline, a greater sense of responsibility and a commitment to complete tasks.
Venus keeps trying to weave love, compassion, and concern into (Saturn) which is helping us figure out what these new boundaries might be in our intimate relationships.
If we remember to be discerning in our choices and actions, we might feel less disillusioned in the process as we move towards these eclipses.
These aspects remind me that it is often the imperfection that makes something unique and quite beautiful.
Saturn conjuncting Venus, makes us try to find a new way to have partnership and to grow in tangible ways that promote deeper, soulful connection with those we love and care about.
We are trying to figure out how to dance with the seen and unseen, the real and the energetic. It is time to see that we need vision with responsibility.
Mars is moving into Pisces on March 22nd and that fuels the complexity of this Lunar Eclipse on the 25th. We have a new ability to learn to listen with an open heart and direct all energy towards a more collective mindset and that can lead to healing that allows us a moment of reflection before we need to take action.
A new path is presenting and with it, we now hope that it will carry us towards a better life and a better world. What is clear is that we need more people in our life that want to be collaborative and move consciously towards compassionate actions.
Dream your dreams but allow them to feel like a prayer going out with direction and purpose into the unknown.
This week we are being invited into the inner sanctum of this eclipse cycle. You are being asked to break down complexity to find the simplicity that holds the core truth of what you are seeking. What is clear is that this week is designed to bring a type of sacred connection into who you want to bring closer to you.
What you might notice is that the complexity is like a coat that needs to be removed. Once you are willing to let that coat go, your true self can be revealed to you through this eclipse cycle.
The more you let go believing you know, the more magic you can invite into your life. There is magic underneath all the manic. There is wisdom underneath the wacky.
Something sacred is being born from the fires of Aries if we are willing to let those sparks land on us and burn away the old illusions.
You have heard the whispers from your heart. Now, let that voice out and let it become a song on your lips.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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