March 9, 2024

This Week In Astrology – March 10-19, 2024

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This Week in Astrology –March 10-19, 2024

We are coming to the end of the astrological New Year. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and soon we will be moving into the enthusiasm of the sign of Aries and our year officially begins.
I suggest taking full advantage of the compassionate side of Pisces and realize that you need to shower yourself with good feelings by remembering all that you accomplished this year and how you worked hard to bring those dreams into fruition.
With the Sun being in Pisces we are on the edge between dreams and reality. We feel the energy of spring calling to us, and we experience the sun getting stronger and warmer. We are preparing for renewal. While we prefer to live in a fantasy, we will only be able to escape so far before life demands that we address the reality staring us in the face.
We begin this week with the New Moon in Pisces, and it is time to celebrate that the hard months of winter are coming to an end.
Venus goes into Pisces on the 11th, followed by Mars in Pisces on the 22nd. Venus brings more love into our daily responsibilities, and we want to work together to get things done. We are to learn that all our relationships are how we are being asked to expand in this density.
For some, they may use the energy of others to escape instead. The question is to see if your actions are fully conscious or if you are being delusional. What is clear is that we need to face a few big issues.
Venus is also going to eventually join Saturn in Pisces, generating a desire for more attention and deeper affection. Our attention to detail is heightened and we bring more awareness into the small things in our lives.
On the 19th, the Sun will blast its way into Aries and the official moment of spring will arrive with a force because of us being so close to the eclipse on March 25th. We feel eclipses about 6 weeks before they arrive and so the energy of this eclipse is trying to work us towards seeing where we have been terribly superficial and how that does not reflect well on us.
Be aware that many powerful and potentially drastic shifts can take place as we move into this eclipse cycle.
Fate is calling to all of us.
The question is what will you do when called?
The confusions and illusions are going to clear towards the end of the week, and we recognize that we are trying to find our future self and bring it home.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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