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Astrology for 2024
The Conflicts of Deception
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Years ago, as Pluto went into Capricorn, all the astrologers knew that there would be an extreme polarity between the dogmatic, rigid, old systems that have been in control for centuries and a new pattern that was going to try to emerge.
As with all old power structures, they abhor change and as the old systems were better organized and (shall we say) intrenched, digging them out of their hoarding holes was going to be a monumental task.
Add to that the new systems (while spirited and willing to try out new thoughts, new ways, and new things), were disorganized and did not have things lined up properly to be able to crack into the safe and banks of the old guard that were fiercely protecting their power, control, and pocketbook.
The astrologers knew that this process was going to be tooth and nail, they knew it was going to be rough and that the fight was going to tear the world (as we knew it) apart.
As an optimist, I believed that the obvious changes being required would appeal to more souls anxious for anything that would give them advantages.
But as with all optimists, I did not count on the massive plans of deception that the old guard would employ to destroy confidence in our systems of checks and balances.
I am reminded by a teacher of mine many years ago that said, “Suzanne just remember, that when you think everyone is as sincere and as sweet as you, just also remember that you don’t know everyone.”
I am sure that this process has made many of us look at people very differently as this astrological process unfolded. Extreme sides were taken at times, we discovered the hidden agendas and dysfunction inside patterns in our world, and many moments revealed things that have been a shock to many.
While Pluto is moving more confidently on January 20th into Aquarius, the monsters that some have unleashed are going to continue their tirade through our world, governments, and global issues whether any of us want this or not.
One of my subtitles to this year is, The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly. Obviously, a reference to the film with Clint Eastwood. What makes this film powerful is that each character only sees from inside their personal frame. They literally cannot see obvious things outside their preferred scope of reality. So, in the movie, surprises show up to those characters because they are looking only with blinders on that reflect their own personal bubble. That means they get surprised when something seems to suddenly appear because they never saw it coming. This is the lesson for this year. Too many of us are still operating with blinders on and we cannot see or refuse to see anything else and so the rapid shifts of this year can become a shock and surprise to those who refuse to take a broader look past our biases and beyond our personal preferences.
In this very long journey of Pluto in Capricorn (which started in the Fall of 2008), I believe we have all learned quite a lot. I believe many have taken the blinders off and have been shocked to see things that are disturbing on very deep levels.
With Pluto going into Aquarius, know that our vision is going to have to radically expand once again. And we are going to be shocked to see the next level of the opening of our eyes to a world that may seem very foreign. For those hunkered down and grasping for the old tried and true, 2024 may feel as if you are getting shot out of a cannon.

The key planetary focus for 2024 is the movement of Pluto into Aquarius on January 20th. Pluto in Aquarius will allow all of us to honestly look at what it is that the society needs to do as a whole to make things better. Then it will kick all of us in gear to finally move as a unit to make the necessary changes … together.
But everyone is (of course) going to have strong opinions as to what that means to each of us. The bigger question is, how are we going to figure out how to get along. Pluto in Aquarius requires us to come together. Unfortunately, the distances have causes us to pull very far apart.
2024 will not be the year that we will see that communal shift where we come back together. That entire process will take till 2043.
This year, 2024 and Pluto dancing between Aquarius and Capricorn, is trying to show us what our world should look like.
What should be clear is that the stakes could never be so high or important.
While this aspect intends to support a powerful wind at the backs of the other air signs of Gemini and Libra, we have to remember that Pluto will always test those places that are in need for a radical change.
The fixed signs of Leo, Scorpio, and Taurus are caught in some squares and oppositions with Pluto, and that cannot help but impact them in powerful and profound ways.
During the first few months of 2024, this shift of focus for the fixed signs will be felt the most.
Those whose personal astrology charts make them at the beginning of the fixed signs … are going to feel that initial hit the most. But everyone is going to notice this transition.
Remember that this process is long and slow, we are going to have to pace ourselves. It will impact all of us till 2043! So, get ready for change in massive ways. In fact, twenty years from now we will probably not recognize our past selves. I expect that to be actually a very good thing.
As a Leo, I have been analyzing this particular transit as it will oppose my Leo Sun. And an opposition is a powerful force that intends to shift all Leos perspective drastically. As a powerful self-focused sign, Leos like to stand out and be noticed. But you can already see that Pluto in Aquarius is interested in what we all need to do as a society to make the world a better place.
For some ego-centric Leos, this could look like a loss of their powerful self. But fortunately, I have certain aspects in my chart that were powerfully impacted by the Pluto in Capricorn, I got to see and deal with some foreshadowing. In other words, I got smacked around quite a bit and my ego no longer needs to be important or right. I have learned that who I am is enough and I have learned that the process for me is less not more.
I clearly saw that I will not be able to do everything myself. Whether it was my aging process catching up to me, or just common sense finally kicking in as my ascendant took a major hit from Pluto in Capricorn for the last 15 years.
It became crystal clear, that I needed to ask for help, and I needed to accept help when it was offered.
In 2020, I began asking the guides and angels for those to come into my life that could assist, and I kept an open heart to be able to receive those that were ready, willing, and more importantly able … to help. I understood that while the sign of Leo likes to think that it can do everything, the truth is that we are all human and we all need each other.
Clearly, as we move even faster into a technological world, it is impossible to have skills in every area. And people are specializing more and more into what fascinates them and what they do well.
At a certain point, as a Leo, I learned to allow the gifts of others to assist me with my gifts.
That is the key.

The lesson for all the fixed signs is to let others come in and show you what it is that you will need to succeed. That requires trusting others and acknowledging their skills and to not constantly fight or undermine them while they are trying to help you.
I can tell you that in doing this process and keeping the intention to allow in help, I have found amazingly skilled people who want to help me and can take things I have been working on and rework them into something that is much better than my original actual project.
I share this because all the fixed signs are going to have to learn this lesson in various ways. Fixed signs like to be fixed, right, and certain of their position. But in this time of tremendous change, we need to let others shine in their own unique way and find ways for all of us to work together.
The Fixed Signs need to remember that complimenting others and thanking them sincerely, is going to help tremendously. Shine that powerful light of gratitude on others and as you empower them and see them, they too will shine more brilliantly, and a greater light will be born and then together, we can change this world.
Taurus is a sign of “Mine” and it came in to acquire and to create things that give them comfort. But this Pluto is going to feel like the universe is trying to take things from them. For a Taurus, this will show up as letting go of much “stuff” and recognizing that sharing is a path that will give greater fulfillment. The lesson for a Taurus is to see that sharing from the place that someone else could use a particular thing, object, machine, or bauble, and that it could catapult that person into a much more powerful position and that this would serve others more than just themselves.
Taurus’s are to learn … that sharing what one has with others, allows them to find the same joy that those things gave to the Taurus. Think of 2024 as a time to pay something forward.
Letting go of things is the key to giving gifts from precious parts within. And that allows one to see a deeper personal value that a Taurus carries rather than defining themselves from how much stuff they have acquired.
For Scorpio this Pluto square confronts the deep dark secrets inside themselves and in the world. The Scorpio mindset wants to reveal all things that have been hidden. It does not care if it is inconvenient or upsetting. This square to Pluto wants to get to the bottom of something. Let’s be clear, Scorpios just naturally hide things. They naturally do not reveal everything. But those hidden things are going to now be forced into the light and that can cause them to feel vulnerable in a way that they did not want to show or for others to see in them. Egos will get checked by circumstances beyond their control and new decisions will have to be made.

But what plagues us all will be the dance back and forth from multiple planets hitting 29 degrees which is the last degree of a planet before it moves into the next sign. This year’s theme will be focused on endings and beginnings.
And there will be a multitude of them!

Aries and Sagittarius get a sextile with the Pluto in Aquarius, and they are going to have to address real tangible issues with the realization that they can’t do it all themselves and that they are going to have to learn to get help from others. In general, the fire signs will also have to ask for help to accomplish what they desire. They can’t just say, this is what I want and expect everyone to follow suit (which is usually the way it works for them). The fire signs are going to notice that they are encountering people with as strong of a personality as themselves and they are going to quickly realize that they can’t do it alone and they are going to have to have those other powerful people give them the essential introductions and connections that will allow things to happen.

Fire signs usually want to do it their way, they are going to learn methods of compromise that will end up giving them more than they ever dreamed if they will just allow those who have the skills and abilities that they don’t possess to assist them.

Jupiter is in Taurus for the first 5 months of 2024 giving the earth signs such as Capricorn and Virgo the energy and incentive to get those things finished at the beginning of 2024. Because the positive influence of Jupiter, Capricorn and Virgo are going to have the opportunity to succeed if they will do what is necessary to get it the job done. Jupiter protects those signs until May 25th, and it can allow security to lock in what needs to be completed and finally finish up those pieces that have needed the fine tuning.
Because of the sextile to the water signs, it will also help all the water signs do much the same.

Feb 13th Mars, Venus, and Pluto conjunction intends to take the “malefic” planets in astrology (Mars and Pluto) to the extreme. Power struggles are going to explode, and compromise is not in the cards. Issues arise around social justice and there will be passionate calls for humanitarian issues. The emotions of some are going to be aggressively expressed and in unorthodox ways.

March 25th Lunar Eclipse in Libra begs us to find some solutions that will allow us to rebalance the excessive energy that carried Mars into the forefront of aggression and conflict in October 2023 and the last set of eclipses. There will be a loud and long collective call for justice in many forms. Human rights and international agreements are in the forefront. The good news is that the decisions that are forged in this lunar fire will have long term and lasting impact.

April 8th, Solar Eclipse in Aries plans on making an enormous impact for American and especially along the East Coast as it will be visible there. There will be an enormous ending of sorts and a new beginning that may surprise Americans. Remember that the effects of eclipses can be felt 6 weeks before and 6 weeks after.

We also have in the month of April a Mercury Cazimi on April 12th. This can inspire writing and deep conversations. I expect honest and intense conversations that can drastically change our perspective.

April 20th Jupiter will conjoin Uranus and while this can create something to break down, I warn that it is so close to the Mercury retrograde that that thing that is breaking down, might be spectacular. This pattern can also show up as reforming something and shifting a focus. That can lead to improvement. But it’s initial disruption could be striking and shocking.

May 18th there is Jupiter/Sun conjunction in Taurus is going to change even more things. I expect these shifts to be in matters that are financial and massive power struggles. Intimate relationships are not easy and finding balance will be a challenge.

On May 23rd there is Jupiter Neptune sextile at the last degrees of Taurus and Pisces, and this is radically positive in many ways. Many things are going to be very different, and we will see in more obvious and tangible ways the impact of all this and begin to feel much better. There is also a Venus/Jupiter conjunction adding more harmony and abundance into the mix. This is probably one of the best days of this year. Venus/Jupiter conjunction in Taurus and Venus will be sextiling Neptune at 29 degrees in Pisces, and Venus will also be sextiling Neptune at 29 degrees in Pisces. This is a great day on many levels. We will all feel it a week before and after as well.

May 25, Jupiter enters Gemini adding even more positive energy to the Geminis and giving a big boost of confidence and enthusiasm. But this helps all of us in some way. We look to that inner light inside that is a part of the divine and that we now begin to see that the divine is showing up in the forms of other people and in the conversations that arise. Seems we need to really pay attention to those people that come into our life and seem compelled to say something to us. We are going to discover very new connection and begin friendships that are very different. This is because we need to widen our scope and we need to see things from a very different angle.
This will be especially for the Aries and Leo signs and the Libra and Aquarius people. It is time to open our minds and see the divine moving through their lives in the forms of other people and those connections that will lead us towards new goals that we have not been able to accomplish alone.
Virgos may feel that they are being pushed and that things are not under their control. They are going to go out of their comfort zone. Time to move in the moment rather than have a perfect plan. The Sagittarian’s will feel as if they are being nudged but it is not a strong enough push to really leap. They will get some of what they want but they are not going to get everything they want. For Pisces this aspect is going to make them not like how humanity is behaving. Seems they are trying to figure out how to deal with those people in their immediate environment which is not currently their passion or preference. Seems that the Pisces are going to feel confused as to why they need to deal with certain people and certain circumstances. It can be frustrating and force them to recognize the divine is right in front of them.

June has a Venus Cazimi on June 4th, and a Mercury Cazimi on June 15th. Communication is the key and we will find that we are trying to consolidate many social things with bringing some sort of structure to the goals you have set. The values will be in our relationships and our artistic goals. With Saturn going retrograde on the 30th, expect conflict that we thought were resolved to rear their head once again. Hopefully, we will learn to find a new flow that is inclusive rather than breed more suspicion and uncertainty.

July will be asking all of us to discover the hidden undercurrents that are going to outright threaten the safety and security of democracy in August. Let’s see if we can collectively pull our heads out of the sand and uncover the secret plans that want to harm our democracy or certain groups or demographics. Do not underestimate the dangerous and hidden motives of a group who intend to disrupt the balances of power in our country.
With the Mars-Uranus conjunction July 15th, we can be shocked to see the terrible plans that some have in place to assert themselves into becoming the determining power source.

August is a difficult month on all levels. Pluto is in opposition to Leo and there is a Mercury retrograde on August 5th. There are forces that intend to disrupt communication systems and for us to reassess our dependence upon certain things. The whole month is a lesson in patience. Everything is going to feel delayed or taken off course. The bold intend to be brutal and those that want to risk, want to prove they are right.

August 10th, Mars and Saturn will square. The weight of a terrible plan seems to be resting on the shoulders of the people. Those that lean towards recklessness plan to tear at the financial patterns that were not really stable anyways. Frustration is going to be enormous. We will not be able to see the path forward.
August has a lot going on that can be conflictive and problematic because Pluto is in opposition to the Sun. I expect major issues to arise because of the election. There will be a fear that what matters will be uprooted and that can feel terrifying. But not to worry because in October what is good in the world will get a second wind and there will be a burst of powerful hope that will not negate the past but will allow the lessons learned from Pluto in Capricorn to be passed forward in a more constructive way.

August 20th and December 24th, Jupiter is going to square to Saturn. Saturn is testing the emotional content (Pisces) that we keep seeing in our world. We are being forced to see the suffering in the world. The question is, “Are you helping or ignoring? Are you pulling away from the news or are you deciding to do something about it?” Seems Jiminy Cricket (our conscience) is trying to get our attention. We need to look at what is being ignored.
Pain is the theme for this entire month, and we are asked to admit where we have been trying to avoid the suffering in the world. It is time to find answers to stop some of the suffering or find ways to alleviate it.
Notice now where you are in pain and where you don’t allow others in to help you. What are the beliefs you have around feeling pain and guilt? We are trying to bring reality into the moment and accept what is happening and still find a way to have an honest conversation around it.
We will be asked to notice how we deal with others when we are in pain. We will be asked to look at what we feel guilty about and why.

September brings up a phrase, May the Grace of the Divine Go with Us.
Mars and Neptune square on September 3rd, adding to the upsets and confusion of the month of August. Many will feel low and lacking in energy. So much shattered in the previous month that the level of disillusionment can be disheartening.
There is a Lunar Eclipse in Pisces on Sept 17th, supporting large emotional shifts that need to be released.
The Full Moon in Pisces on September 18th reminds us that we need to actively cultivate more compassion. Remember, grace is earned rather than learned. Do your best to stay very grounded and connected to the earth.
Venus and Pluto square on September 23rd and powerful emotions arise around control, jealousy, and manipulation. Values are questioned and we have to address deeper underlying issues that are impacting our health and well-being.

October tries to bring more respect into the mix so that somehow, we can find the balance necessary to keep moving forward.
The Solar Eclipse in Libra on October 3rd tries to make sense out of many things. We want to address issues that will allow us to make choices based on more equality and better respect.
Anything not aligning with our authentic self is going to be reassessed during the Venus-Uranus Opposition on October 15th.

To say that November will be intense is the understatement. Jupiter and Venus will oppose on November 3rd and we will feel something arise that tries to pull us or push us. It will be clear that this is a repeating moment back to right before the election in 2020 that Clinton’s emails were revealed and tried to throw her credibility. It is a test to see if the public will fall for the same stunt once again. We will be pawns in a political chess game intended to bring us into a power struggle and those that are perpetuating this moment have very angry and aggressive tendencies that they intend to use to thwart democracy. Take great caution in one’s choices during this time.
Pluto will not go out of Capricorn and back into Aquarius on November 19th. Much will not be settled around this election at least until then. But in truth, we will not come out of this heavy cycle until April 2025.

December is adventurous and travel focused on the outside. But on the inside, we have a Mars retrograde in Leo on December 6th. This might be a place where many suppressed energies come out in ways of resentment and anger. Some will want to force issues. But it is not a wise moment to do so.

Venus and Pluto will be conjunct on December 7th and the world financial systems might have a powerful shift over control and who is in charge.
Then Venus and Mars will oppose on December 12th causing more tension and some form of compromise will need to be reached.

Firsts and lasts in Astrology magnify the intensity of something. Neptune is in Pisces at the end of Pisces, and while it has opened the flood gates of emotions, it has also generated many that have wanted to get lost in the avoidance patterns for comfort. Saturn in Pisces says that the past is gone, and we will not be able to go back. It is time to grow up and deal with the illusions that we have harbored, cherished, and defended, because Saturn is now asking all of us to get real.

Neptune will be at 29 degrees of Pisces from May 3rd – September 3rd. For the Pisces people it will feel like they need to move but they just can’t quite get resolution, because it is hanging out there but not fully shifting out of Pisces before it retrogrades again.

Pluto is at 29 degrees of Capricorn from January 1st through the 20th, then again from September 4-November 19th. Because Pisces and Capricorn are sextile, this will amplify both signs and accommodating energies. We are being given a taste of what is being asked of us and it is asking us to really look at what we need to let go of and to double check what you will need going forward.

Important Positive Days:

May 23rd is the best day of 2024, because of Venus/Jupiter conjunction in Taurus and Venus will be sextiling Neptune at 29 degrees in Pisces, and Venus will also be sextiling Neptune at 29 degrees in Pisces. This is a great day on many levels. We will all feel it a week before and after as well.
On July 11th is another good day, Venus Trines Neptune again. Venus will be at 29 degrees of Cancer and Neptune will be at 29 degrees of Pisces.
July 20th Mars will sextile Neptune with Mars at 29 degrees of Taurus and Neptune still at 29 degrees of Pisces.

Important Difficult Days:

June 16th where Venus (Gemini) squares Neptune (Pisces) again at the 29th degree.
August 28th, Venus is opposite Neptune. Venus is at 29 degrees in Virgo, opposite Neptune again at 29 degrees of Pisces.
These days can be confusing.
September 2nd is a radical day because Mars squares Neptune in retrograde. Mars is at 29 degrees of Gemini and Neptune is at 29 degrees of Pisces.
November 3rd, Mars is at 29 degrees of Cancer opposite Pluto again at 29 degrees of Capricorn.

Important days are going to positions themselves as we shift into the zero-degree positions as well. These can be very powerful moments. These are the days for powerful new beginnings. Especially for the Air and Fire signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, and Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius)
February 5th with Pluto conjoining Mercury at zero degrees of Aquarius.
February 13th with a Pluto/Mars conjunction at zero degrees of Aquarius.
February 17th, we have a Pluto/Venus Conjunction at zero degrees of Aquarius.
March 10th is a Pluto/Mercury sextile
March 21st is a Pluto/Sun Sextile – Here we can get something done and it will flow with less effort.
April 6th is a Pluto/Venus sextile will feel like a gift comes our way. Not a literal gift but a resolution of sorts.
May 3rd with Pluto sextiling Mars. For Aries and Scorpio there could be a reversal of fortunes in some way. Be careful. You might have to walk away from something when you were very attached to it.
May 22nd and May 25 there is a Pluto/Sun trine followed by a Pluto/Venus trine. Giving Air signs good prospects for relationships.
June 2nd and June 4th with trines to Jupiter and Mercury.

Overall, it will be an intense year. Stay calm. Keep your center. Remember the lessons learned and don’t fall into obvious traps a second time. Together we can weather the storms of 2024.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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