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Numerology/Astrology for 8/17/19


8/17/19 is the number 10. There is power in the people. There is power in choice. More and more you see new levels where the people around the world stand up to make the changes that they know they deserve. Those that breed chaos attempt to make things spin. That spin is designed to exhaust you to the point of collapse. Personally I do not seem to know that word, “collapse”. It is not in my nature. I know how to regroup and restructure energy in my life but it is probably because I never give up when it comes to being as brutally honest with myself as possible. Power comes every time you step away from the drama that others create. Because only when you are in your own silence can you see the truth through of your own being even when you are in the spin of others. When you know yourself the “I”, then you recognize that you are not the spin. The spin is an illusion. And the spin is unnecessary to find clarity.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today


All day the Moon finishes up in Pisces.

While it is there it will align with Neptune and encourage you to imagine the possibilities. If you need to make sacrifices then this is the time to do just that. Sometimes to find the freedom you seek you must let certain people go. Let your dreams show you the way through the maze of emotions.

But this evening, the aggressive planet Mars goes into hard working, detailed oriented Virgo until October 3. The money planet Venus moves into Virgo next week, it is time to get organized and produce something.

There is a minor square between Mars and Saturn, making you have a strong desire to solve problems. But it can be challenging to find a solution that works on all levels. But the least you can do is try.

This day requires much patience and do expect others to get frustrated. Try not to be one of those people.

There is a square between the Moon in Pisces and Jupiter. Be extra careful around those with authority. Confrontation and conflicts abound and you could be put at a disadvantage.

With the Moon sextile Saturn, face the objectives that you need to address and let your mind feel inspired to do something.

Know with the Moon conjunction Neptune there will be those pulled further into imbalance. Trouble shows up as strong defiance. And those that deviate from the truth are becoming more exposed.

The Moon in Pisces sextiling Pluto is great for traveling and making your adventurous heart strong.
~Suzanne Wagner~


The universe spins around itself
The earth spins around the sun.
The earth spins around itself.
And all of those spins
are counterclockwise.
The spins of this world
that rattle your brain,
are spinning you clockwise.
It is not spins that are a problem.
But the direction that they
attempt to make you go.
Spins that are not honest
or truthful spin you the wrong way.
They spin you off the natural course
that your body is aligned with.
So when you feel “spun out”
know that you are being
dragged off course.
Then just connect with yourself.
And feel the natural
counter clockwise flow.
And all will be well.

~Suzanne Wagner~





Today we are in Vernal Utah seeing the Dinosaur National Park. It has been a wonderful trip with my “Golden Oldies” and we have laughed to the point of exhaustion. A trip of a lifetime. A trip of joy and friendships that have lasted for 50 years. Such moments etch in your DNA and last for all time. As we head back to Salt Lake City tomorrow, we have filled our hearts to overflowing and know that love is eternal. Never stop yourself from taking the time to travel and enjoy the company of each other. Time can be long or short but we know that it always ends and it is never long enough.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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