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Numerology/Astrology for 9/26/19

9/26/19 is the number 2. Having a right and left brain is a gift and a curse. Finding how to balance such extremes in perspective is necessary in this world of duality. Our right brain connects us to the infinite reality and the wisdom that exists beyond our known world. It is the world of ideas, inspiration, and possibilities. The left brain allows us to navigate this world’s reality and understand the rules and complexities of survival that is required to be here and work within linear time. The right brain is in control while we sleep. And for most people, the left brain is in control while awake. Learning to have both awake and aware at the same time is the bigger game in consciousness. After all, you need access to your intuition to warn you and give you insights that are beyond your experience. You also need the strategy and structure of the left brain to help you create a possibility that can work in this world and make a difference in this time wave. One is not more important than the other. But when they are not connected, the left brain creates the ego, in an attempt to supplement the lack of insight and availability of access to the right brain’s wisdom. It is a poor choice but one manufactured in fear and desperation to feel as if you are competent and capable of being powerful in this reality. However, power comes from inner and outer balance. All expressions of ego are based on disconnection rather than connection.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Thursday is not the best day to force your opinion on others. And be aware of others wanting to enforce their opinion on you.

The Moon goes into Virgo as you are waking up. This will give you a focus to be healthier and more organized. Work to let others know that they can depend on you and that you are responsible for your choices. There is a desire for others to find their inner strength and individuality.

Your awareness is heightened when there is a trine between the Moon and Uranus. New paths open and seem interesting.

There is a dynamic and strained squared between Pluto and Mercury. This can make suspicions come out and make you feel obsessed. Mental stresses compound and try to not get into compulsive thinking.

And there is a more positive aspect between Mars and Mercury. Combined they may make you feel a bit lost, willful, overeager, and overestimating of your abilities. Know that errors can occur and some things may slip from your fingers.

There is a Sun-Chiron opposition that is attempting you to grow through experiences. But you are being blocked by lack of confidence and fear of being different. Social acceptance is a part of a lower level aspect of your brain. While it is helpful to belong know that a group should not ever control what you think. We all want to make others happy but that can make you afraid to tell the truth also. And that is never good. Silence does not promote change. The truth is always there waiting for your courage to speak up.

~Suzanne Wagner~


You are not really human.
You are having an earthly experience.
You are an energy that exists
in a limitless dimension of non-linear time.
As that energy, you evolve and continue
to exist beyond this particular reality.
You are an immortal being having
an experience in limitation.

~Suzanne Wagner~






Everything you are right now was prepared for millennia to help you have the skills, tools, courage, and consciousness to deal with this next level of your evolution. You actually are prepared if you step past fear and into the endless wisdom and connection that is available, if you allow ego to drop away into the illusion in which it was created and give yourself permission to be who you truly are. Do not apologize for being an honest, compassionate, and kind person… ever.

October 3rd, Pluto turns direct and as it nears the conjunction with Saturn it will inexorably tear you away from your old stories and force you to transform your lower self. You have been being eroded away. Just like the edge of a cliff, being beaten by the waves until it finally collapses and is carried off and out into the ocean. There is a new way to be and that way is about flow with what is. That is because the truth has disintegrated into shards and fragments of itself. Your old structure has been freed from the rigid grasp of the mind and ego. Truth is no longer what someone tells you but what you feel and know to be true within. Externals can never reflect greater spiritual truths. Beliefs in killing by any group, religion, or sect are antiquated and not honoring of life.

It is really clear that the dishonoring of life will not allow you to have a precious human experience again, soon. It is your compassion, love, and caring that will be what allows you to progress on the precious spiritual journey. Never waste one moment of this life on anything but respect for all living things. Respect everyone and their choices because after all it is their journey …. not yours. While we may want to walk with others throughout a life, that is not within your ability to control the progression of another soul. But you can always be at choice in helping those that appear along your path in this life. You can always lift the burden of suffering a little bit if you keep your heart open, respect everyone regardless of their financial acumen or standing in the world. All people and all life deserves more than your spare change.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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