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Numerology/Astrology for 2/12/20

2/12/20 is the number 9. If you add the 2 + 1 + 2 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 9.

I know how we all long for the good old days where life moved in a predictable routine. We are clearly not in that moment, but in reflection, you should see how much you have grown and expanded your consciousness. You are much more aware of many things that you probably never wanted to know but regardless now you are awake to the deeper and more painful truth of humanity and the terrible things that it is capable of. You are here today to listen to that soft voice asking you to move towards an unknown horizon with no guarantees. That can be unsettling. You don’t mind the risk if you have an approximate idea of the outcome in the long run. But right now, nothing is for certain and it is that uncertainty that makes you hesitate in knowing what is your next step forward. Know that all of us are on uncharted ground and we are also walking through a mine-field of negativity. Each step is going to be a risk. While truth seems to be the direction, there are those that cannot see the truth because their beliefs have put blinders over their eyes. What is clear is that you cannot take anyone through the doorway but yourself. You cannot remove the blinders for them. You also cannot wait for them. So that means that you must leave them behind to find their own way through their distortion. While it is sad, you do not have the energy for anything else.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon is in Libra in opposition to Venus in Aries. Be careful to not base your choices and then actions on desiring a particular sensation. Go ahead and let that passion out and be willing to let go of old inhibitions. Just know that you are going to experience a flurry of feelings and potentially unsatisfied passion. This aspect can create domestic challenges and so remember to take care of your own heart, know others are also suffering, and do not expect others to care for your heart the way you need.

The Moon square Jupiter can make you see where the laws of man and the spiritual truths are out of sync. You will see the disadvantages being imposed upon those already suffering. You will witness the terrible toll of suffering that authorities are gradually imposing upon the people. Notice who is vulnerable and realize that just because you are fine does not give you the right to justify horrible things happening to others.

You will feel more sensitive that you would like today. You will notice in painful detail all things that are out of balance. This causes restlessness and a rising, rolling anger to surface. There are too many things that are just not right and it is clear that things will continue to get worse.

Because of a Mercury semi-square to Saturn, conversations are going to be challenging. You may want to harp or loop on something that seems terribly wrong for you at this time. Know that you and others are more sensitive to criticism and you will notice with great consternation and worry how many are pessimistic in their thinking. Just know this is not a time to take a huge risk. There are too many factors that will not allow a full expression of what you are feeling.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Everyone prostitutes themself
to something.
Everyone sells out different parts
of themselves and their reality.
Most minds easily make up
foolish answers to foolish questions.
Many speak words and do not realize
that they are taking bricks
out of the walls of their
own home and security.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Those who put blinders on their
eyes should remember that the set
also includes a bridle and a whip.
~Stanislaw Jerzy Lec~

People who live with blinders on are in so many ways like a horse.
You put those blinders on a horse because the horse is a prey animal.
Its eyes are on the side of its face.
A horse is constantly looking out for trouble.The Master of the horse puts the blinders on so the animal stays calm and workable for the intentions and directions of the Master.
That is essential to the Master because (in reality) the horse has much more power than the one holding the whip.
The Master needs to control this magnificent power held within the fear of the horse.
It uses that fear as a handle upon which it assumes to control the reality that the horse sees and experiences.
People are very much the same.
Some prefer the blinders to be constantly on.
They prefer to see only a narrow band of reality.
That allows them to form beliefs and judgements about their world.
The problem is that it is not really the whole world.
They refuse to see that which causes them more fear.
They prefer to live in a world controlled by others.
They prefer servitude to freedom.
And they would prefer the whip to the unknown.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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