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Numerology/Astrology for 4/25/20

4/25/20 is the number 6. If you add the 4 + 2 + 5 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 15.  1 + 5 = 6.

The number 6 is the number of isolation and the process of learning about yourself by being alone. It is the number of the hermit, the celibate, and the seeker. Contemplation is always the path to enlightenment. Music is also associated with this number because it is associated with most spiritual practices. Music has a profound ability to open us to a higher vibration and that is much needed at the moment. Prayer is again connected to this number. But don’t pray for yourself, as much as, pray for this world, the animals, those suffering, and those lost and alone. Place your intentions towards a greater good. Focus your energy in the direction of healing and helping. You can never go wrong when you do that.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Pluto becomes still in the sky and turns retrograde today. It will be causing us to review and reflect until October 4th, 2020.

This is one of the significant astrological patterns unfolding this intensely chaotic shift that is beginning. There will be other planets going retrograde with it and big eclipses also. But to keep it simple, let’s just take this piece of the complex puzzle at the moment.

If you have been feeling more afraid than normal and you are having trouble sleeping that is because of so much astrology (including this) pushing us to grow. But Pluto is all about extremes. You are being pushed, completely to your edge. Most people experience this and respond by feeling a tremendous amount of suffering. That is because Pluto loves to show you that what you thought you wanted …. what will not work … and show you that you will not get the outcome or feeling you wanted.  It is terribly painful to let go of an ideal that you so desperately wanted. That is why there is suffering. As the Buddhist’s say, “The root of suffering is attachment”. This retrograde is going to show us that our attachment not only will not work but is also completely irrelevant to this time and place.

From now through October 4th is a test of faith.

Not the old kind of blind and uneducated faith. That type of faith is going to cause you more suffering. What is required now is a type faith made from  generosity and kindness. A type of faith does not come from feeling strong but from feeling your own weakness and fear and thus being able to feel into the suffering of others. No one is better than another. No one is without experiencing the pain of this retrograde. The lessons now are global.

The planet Jupiter conjuncts Pluto at a very critical degree and makes you driven and focused on helping those willing to spiritually grow.

But that is not all. The Jupiter/Pluto conjunction also squares Mercury. Such an aspect magnifies all actions to the extreme.
Death becomes extreme.
Ruthlessness becomes extreme.
Self-righteousness becomes extreme.
Obsessive thoughts, actions, and words become extreme.
It is a highly negative and volatile combination of energies that can manifest as racism, persecution, nationalism, victimization, and revenge.
This indicates a highly restrictive moment in history. So know that the entire time, (from now until October) travel is going to continue to be restricted.

This Jupiter/Pluto square Mercury aspect, is known to be a factor in respiratory problems. Mercury rules the lungs and Pluto is about death, rebirth, transformation, and change. Pluto also rules all global atrocities such as pandemics, viruses, and plagues.

I am fearful that the lackadaisical attitude of Americans is going to get many more killed than would be necessary. It may feel hard to wrap your head around such a situation. This moment can cause despair and depression. Because there is this lingering question,  “Why can’t we get appropriate actions from our government?”

We are in a time of extreme letting go. There are those out there that feel energy strongly and this is probably the strongest energy you may experience astrologically over the next two plus years.
Power games will not work because we are in a fated moment where a repeating theme that has wreaked havoc on the world and caused, addictions and prejudices, pain and suffering has come around again.
Many behaviors will be seen as toxic and you will need to let them go.

Notice what controls your behavior. Let go of those things that are not good for you and thus limit you spiritual evolution.
Do you see your own self-destructive tendencies?
It is time to re-assess how you see power.

The Moon moves into Gemini as you are sleeping. When you awake you will have more curiosity and a new instinct to respond. Communications become more and more important. Those that yell, blame, and throw hate will be removed from your life.

The Moon trines Saturn pushing you to follow through with your duties. Actions are more deliberate and you want to do a good job and be responsible.

There is a Venus-Saturn minor square making you emotionally cautious, guarded and worried about money. Know that there are many small issues that are going to test your patience. Stay kind regardless. Do not jump to conclusions because all the information is not yet in. Do not latch onto wild ideas because too much is changing and everyone is not going to know where this will all lead. What we do know is that nothing will ever be the same after we are through this crisis. And that is going to be a very good thing.
~Suzanne Wagner~


The easiest way to
understand the
Universe is to walk
in a wild landscape.
All wildness is beautiful.
Desolate is beautiful.
Jungle is beautiful.
Mountains are beautiful.
Oceans are beautiful.
Listen to the silence…
When you are no longer
holding onto thoughts
but instead holding onto
your heart, only then will
you find what you are seeking.
~Suzanne Wagner~


There are things in life that are hard to explain.
Humanity wants life to be simple and plain.
But we walk in a field of energy and light.
We are at choice to do things that are wrong or right.
Energy continues in all times and space.
You exist because of your inner love and grace.
You do not die but continue on.
Your soul is connected to something beyond.
We are all one when we die and transcend.
So choose to be kind rather than offend.
Without the love your soul becomes lost.
Without compassion your soul is tossed.
Tortured by unaddressed fear and pain.
Caught in limbo with your emotional strain.
~Suzanne Wagner

I can feel the suffering happening in the world right now and I can feel it building up to a crescendo. The intensity is alarming and the fear in the world is very real.

The place where I consciously choose to fall back into; is to feel the animals that are finally feeling free. Now for the first time in a long time it is as if they can have a normal day rather than have to adjust their behavior to avoid humans.

It causes me great pain to notice how much, other forms of life, try so hard to avoid us. How dangerous must we be that entire ecosystems have altered their natural biorhythm just to stay out of our way?

That awareness all by itself, horrifies me. I hope it horrifies you too.

I wish for a humanity that can co-exist with other life rather than cause it pain.
I wish for a world where we can learn to connect and communicate with our natural world rather than cause it so much anguish.
I wish for a world where nastiness is passé and not socially accepted.

And I know that getting there in my lifetime is probably impossible. But I am still willing to give it a try and go in that direction because without that type of drive and determination, things in this world can become hopeless.
And I am unwilling to accept that.

We have to radically shift out of this horrific place that has successfully destroyed the old America and now figure out how to make a completely new one. It is going to take a lot of effort on everyone’s part to get there and it will take decades to heal.
That means the everyone is going to have to have a great deal of stamina and a determination that can go a long distance.
This is not a marathon. This is a triathlon.
We are going to have to have many skills to navigate through this moment. We cannot do it alone.
We will have to learn to work together.
Because there is no other choice.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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