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Numerology/Astrology for 11/27/20

11/27/20 is the number = 6

Add the 1 + 1 + 2 + 7 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 and we get the number 15. 1 + 5 = 6.
What relaxes you creatively? What kind of art opens our heart and makes us marvel at its creation?
What vibrates our heart and excites our mind is where our soul actually lives. It means that if we can appreciate such beauty we can also help create such beauty.
There are many ways to do that.
We do not need to be a painter to be an artist. We can paint with words, emotions, connections, and how we vibrate can alter the trajectory of others minds and hearts.

That is because we are a work of art by the divine. We are designed to vibrate in such a way and we will align with and vibrate with those things that have a frequency that is familiar or that we can harmonize with.

The Number 6 is an artistic number. But it is a number that is designed to guide you towards the things that ignite your spirit and help you feel alive and at-one-with this world and the universe.

Philosophy is also an art.
Our homes are an expressionistic manifestation of everyone who lives there.
How we dress each day tells us something about who we are, how we feel, and what we value.

Today, see yourself as an expression of that creative juice, your passion, and the divine spark that has been given for you to play in this realm.

Love yourself, appreciate who you have become, and love all the beauty around you right now.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

While all the retailers have been having early Black Friday options. Today is a Taurus Moon which is one of those things that makes each of us look at purchases that have a longer and more lasting value.

But be careful because Uranus is also in Taurus and it is connecting to the Venus-Uranus opposition. You may want to overindulge and that may not be the best of ideas. There is a craving for connecting to others and yet you need your independence. These can work together if you are mindful and understand that balance inwardly.

What continues to be clear is that the old patterns are falling away and it becomes more and more clear that those things that have outgrown their usefulness are finally dispersing into the ethers.

But it also is not time for new relationships and new financial dealings. The old needs to be cleared out so we can see where we really are and what we have to rebuild. Careful evaluations are necessary.

Expect surprises over the next few days and know that this feeling of restlessness is necessary for reaching beyond our normal ways and new habits that we have been living. It is good to break things up in a conscious, safe, and constructive way.

Conversations take on a new life because of the desire to go deep into the unknown. There is a deep yearning to understand on a psychological level.

Mercury forms a sextile to Pluto and that allows that probing quality to amplify and for us to see beyond the familiar.

Overall, just practice patience and know that big decisions are coming up soon enough. While you do not have all the information necessary, you have enough to begin to open doors that were previously closed.

~Suzanne Wagner~


We are all part of one soul
that is seeking to find all
the parts and reflections
of itself.

~Suzanne Wagner~




So much in life, we create or manifest from the vibration we carry, the vibrations and frequencies we are around and manage to absorb, and the natural environment vibrations that support us to shift, heal, reconnect, and see life differently.

The older I get … the more I see that vibrational connection as something that so often healers hold but do not completely understand.

I do believe that there are amazing souls that are born that carry a unique vibration and they manage to move through life in a somewhat miraculous way. They learn techniques for healing and transformation. But it is not about the tools they learned …. it is the frequency of energy that they carry and how that flow attracts certain quantum particles and positive God-connection.

I recognize the great value of positive thinking, especially when it is grounded in the reality that is authentic and honest.
I see the great teachers and gurus and know that they weave and spin philosophy and energy in tapestries of inclusion that manage to connect to individuals in special ways that fill in the gaps that they are carrying and allow them to see the divinity within that has been held away by the broken vectors in their meridians that lifetimes of damage and neglect have thrown their way.
That is very powerful to be in the aura of a guru because you can see through their eyes, perspective, and experience. And it changes you. Sometimes (if you are lucky) forever. Their energy field is so strong that they can literally transform those in their auric field into higher vibrating soul expressions. The problem is that when you leave their presence we can often fall back into our own lower vibration, as it is difficult if not impossible to hold onto vibrational energy that is constantly fluctuating.
I notice this varying vibrational and frequency energy in different ways with people.

Some people carry it as a baby. You can see and sense it when you look deep into their eyes. They walk in with something special. And that can often never go away.

Some people grow into this majesty that they hold as they mature. It is as if each soul has a planned time to flower and grow.

I have seen some people whose life experiences have been so traumatic that they were given no others choices beyond, collapsing and giving up…. Or rising up, finding confidence, standing for what is right, and leaping completely out of their experience into their potential.

I see others that work diligently towards enlightenment through meditation, spiritual practices, and rituals designed to expand the mind and see the illusion of realness that is this incarnation’s expression.

I see others who strove to attain beauty and art and that desire to express something from the highest place of human consciousness was the driving force in their life. And as their life became the very art that they loved, they gained great wisdom, compassion, and peace.

All these paths have one thing in common….the expression and seeking of a familiar frequency, resonance, and vibration that is in alignment with the highest calling of that soul.

That yearning for that connection and energy, magnetically draws “god particles” towards you.
That is how “luck” happens. (Though I do not think it is actually luck).
I think it is the call of attraction for a soul to connected and find symmetry with others in a way that allows us to feel in harmony with something or someone.
We are all part of one soul that is seeking to find all the parts and reflections of itself.

~Suzanne Wagner~





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