September 7, 2015

2015 Fall Interview with Jayme Gioradino

About the Author: Suzanne Wagner
By Published On: September 7, 2015Categories: Astrology/Numerology

I am very happy to have Jayme Gioradino back with us at the Symposium this fall. She will be teaching a class on:

Priestesses of the Serpentine

Imagine yourself in the temples of Egypt, awaken all of your senses… Especially your 6th sense. In this class you will be initiated as a Priestess of the Serpentine.The Serpentine Priestesses in Ancient times were highly trained Kundalini Awakeners. Kundalini is a dormant coiled up serpent like energy in the base of the spine. We will have smell, touch, taste, sound, and some light movement, chanting and mediation to awaken your inner Priestess and Kundalini.

This class is one full of light, joy, playfulness and love. I hope some of you ladies out there will join us for this incredible event.

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