November 4, 2016

Astrological Patterns for November 2016

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Astrological Patterns for November 2016
This is a month where the situations confronting you cannot help but change you. With Pluto right at the middle of its cycle of Capricorn, we are at the peak of the impact of Pluto. Pluto is a planet of death, rebirth, transformation, and karma. The karmic patterns that you have not dealt with internally have now manifested externally in such a way that you are in such pain and misery, that you will either make a huge change in your life or your will fall into the darkness and destructive energy of death. It is a clear choice but not an easy choice.
Pluto is about the soul, your guts, your obsessions, your hidden self and secrets. Crisis is an active part in the development of your soul when Pluto is transiting Capricorn. Many of you feel right now that something is about to die. And that is true. Pluto is tenacious and will protect and relentlessly pursue what is the object of its obsession. It is through the death that the gifts of Pluto come into your awareness. There is something inside that you need to mine, discover, and find. You are plumbing your own depths to find a part of yourself that you have forgotten.
You may feel that you do not have patience for others or those who (in your view) are living on the surface and not looking deep into the darkness. But the darkness you perceive is within you! What you see is where you have not been honest with yourself and where you have refused to look beyond the surface presentation of your own ego.
What you fear as you look deep into a perceived external pattern is the darkness and negative energy of your own being. It is a tough pill to swallow at the moment. You may feel caught in a vicious cycle of pain and rejection. You may feel hurt that others do not see as you do. But they also can only see themselves and their own darkness that they too have been avoiding. They cannot see you or the energy that you have hidden away in the darkness.
The most destructive energy happening this month is the obsession and locked fixation on a position or perspective. It is important to remember that obsession is based on seeing the world as a place of scarcity rather than plenty. The world is not coming to an end but the narrow world you have been living in is coming to an end. Obsession is psychically designed to keep you from getting what you want. You believe that by focusing all your energy, power, and mental awareness on something will make it happen but that is not true.
This is a month where the “dark passions” are attempting to take over your psyche. Those that are locked in the darkness of those energies cannot be reasoned with. Their lesson will come when they do not get what they intend and the terrible circumstances that they project outward do not manifest except by those people who become and act out the Armageddon that they believe is happening.
A great philosopher, Spinoza once said, “There is no hope without fear and no fear without hope.”
This planet, Pluto, is teaching you about loss. Loss of belonging, loss of control, and loss of your higher functioning mind. When obsession is left unchecked it actually drains the body and drains the very life out of the soul. Obsession is the biggest addiction happening this month. You will be asked to face your fears but that does not mean that by facing them you will have mastered them. Facing your fears means that your ego has lost. And that hurts. But it is only the ego not your essence. You are not bad you are being broken open. You are not wrong. You were deceived by the illusions of attachment.
Obsessions are not all bad. Sometimes it takes extreme energies to break you out of mental and emotionally dysfunctional patterns that have been hiding your most vulnerable and intimate self.
How are you using this energy to break you away from certain people? How are you using this energy to simplify your life?
Believe it or not the first week of November is pretty stuck.
It begins to get interesting November 9th (the day after the election) because of Mars entering Aquarius. This is where the planet of energy, gumption, and drive, as well as action and conflict enters into a sign of revolution, revelation, change, and breakthroughs. This is about someone, something, some organization coming into power.
Expect there to be a powerful shift in the feelings of people being expressed at that time. You will see that some people want to get behind something that supports conscious change and an intention of unification.
But Mars will be Mars and that means this will not come without great conflict in some way shape or form.
On November 6th and 7th, know that the planetary situation is going to freak you out with whatever arises and expect a lot of upsets and stressful situations that can throw you off your center. It should be very strange stuff. Things that you cannot even completely comprehend or figure out what to do with this new information. Just remember, you cannot change what you are not in control of. You cannot believe what you are being told and there is great distortion forcing a level of discomfort to make you leap out of your sleepy, dreamy world and into a more conscious and wakeful self.
On November 8th, the Moon and Neptune are at the exact degrees with the South Node sitting right there also. Expect tremendous amounts of deception and a feeling like you cannot get a handle on what is true and what is not.
Finally on November 9th we will begin to make some forward progression but not without upset and stress.
The next aspect is November 10th when Saturn Semi-Sextiles Pluto. Mars is finishing up in Capricorn and going into to Aquarius and this is going to make a powerful forward push into change.
Then on November 11th Venus enters Capricorn. This will be there the whole month. It will give you the chance to look at what you think has value and the projects that you need to get going. You won’t be getting much done in December, so this is the time to get a project moving so you have the momentum to keep you going forward in December. When Mercury goes retrograde (December 17-January 8) this will slow down the mental clarity and focus.
On November 12th Mercury enters Sagittarius. Mercury is finally going to be done with being in Scorpio which as been making you explore and uncovering things from your past and your deep subconscious. This movement into Sagittarius will open your mind in some new ways.
November 14th we have a Full Moon in Taurus. This is a powerful day and it is a day that might shift you into a new place. It indicates where you need to go and how you are going to get there. You know where you are and now have to deal with what is.
November 19th Neptune finally goes direct. Neptune has been suck on the South Node and in Pisces. This is quite a big deal. This is a big wake up call. You have reviewed the past and now it is time to come into a more conscious place to take action and see more clearly. You will see where you have been lied to and see where your own issues have clouded your judgment and allowed you to live in a place of distortion and self-deception. It will feel like a completely new world and a new awareness. Do not allow your subconscious to sabotage your new world unfolding.
November 24th, Jupiter Squares Pluto. Moon is in Libra, Jupiter is in Libra, and this energy will be creating a new chapter in your life. You are awake and now what?
Relationships are intense. Things are explosive and yet you want to find peace. You can see how this might make you feel crazy but it is what will break you out of the old and into the new.
November 29th there is a New Moon in Sagittarius. It is also squaring Neptune, which is asking you the question if you are going to fall back into the old mental, emotional traps or grow up and move forward with the hand the universe has dealt you.
You are destined to take a new road. It will feel overwhelming but it is going to be very exciting if you are willing to move with the energy.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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