May 31, 2016

Astrological Update for June 2016

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June 2016 Astrology Update

Starting over is the question on everyone’s mind as we move into June and how that is going to look and how the outcomes are going to be experienced. All positions will get magnified under this June Astrology so pick carefully.

We are still dealing with lots of planets still retrograde and they are mucking up the patterns very personally. I am sure at this moment that you are wondering “What the ….. is going on?” And I will attempt to sort that out from my perspective.

Pluto is still retrograde until the 26th of Sept and that is making people’s bad behaviors worse. You might feel like your “Negative” Self got out of the closet and is running through your internal and external home messing with everything. And it is. The question is; “Why are you doing some things? Why are you making certain choices?” This aspect makes you take a hard look at your personal motivations in your choices and actions. Intent is very important and yours is being questioned right now. You need to look below the surface of the conversation you have been telling yourself to make you feel better and get to the root motivation of your actions. And that look in the shadow mirror might not be as pleasant as you had hoped. Catching yourself in a lie or an illusion is never fun but it is essentially necessary for your forward progression.

Saturn Retrograde till the 13th of Aug is making you ask the question; “What are you really willing to put the time and effort into? More things are being dissolved away and broken down than actually building up at the moment and most things feel as if you are in a storm that is messing up all the structure that you worked so hard to build up. And you would be right. But trying to clean up a storm’s mess in the middle of the storm does not really make sense either. Yes, you are going to have to rebuild. And that will be fine when the storm is over. But you need to let the storm do the work and clear out what is no longer needed. Then afterwards you can make a better assessment of the damage and figure out the next steps. Using brain power now is a waste of time and energy.

Neptune goes retrograde from the 13th of June until the 20th of November and so you feelings are going to be heightened and your intuition is going to get much louder. You want to take heed of the advice from your right brain this month and begin to follow that flow rather than the analytical side of your mind because if you don’t you might just have to go over the same place when Neptune goes direct in November.

Mars is retrograde and has backed up into Scorpio and this emotion roller coaster you feel like you are on is very real and even when Mars goes direct on June 29th if will not feel better until August 2nd when Mars will finally leave the volatile and intense sign of Scorpio and go back into the mutable sign of Sagittarius. Though you will get a lot of internal work done here while the Mars in Scorpio rules. Mars in Sagittarius tends to let things slide and as much as that is what you might want right now, it is better to stir that emotional pot and bring what is still stuck in the bottom of your consciousness to the top and deal with it now.

This June with the mutable T-square between Saturn in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces, which is going to occasionally and briefly become a mutable Grand Cross, my suggestion is to accept that you are loosing grip with your old reality.

Yes, that old reality is crumbing right out from underneath you and the faster you accept that the better you are going to feel.

We are prepping for the second square between Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces on June 17.

Saturn represents cold, hard reality, exacting time clocks, physical aging and death. Saturn is all about the structures that hold your life in place.

Neptune represents unseen reality, time dimensions outside our own, the continuation of life after death and the dissolution of barriers between ourself and the unseen spiritual forces.

As you can see there are very different functions and a square is like a tug of war between them causing a lot of friction over what exactly is the “reality”.

You can see in the news everyone has an opinion and the frustration is that no one is agreeing with each other so nothing is getting handled and that adds to the intensity that people are feeling.

Saturn in Sagittarius wants a strong adherence to certain principles and ideology;

Neptune in Pisces wants those principles to be open hearts and inclusive and wants humanity to wake up and have us really see the big picture not just our narrow desired perspective.

The key to get through this is to be fluid and open hearted. Neptune trumps Saturn in size and gravitational mass. So as much as those old structures are going to fight for their very survival, they are going to have to change and bend to the will of humanity. Then answer is in finding the fluid flow of Neptune.

We are no longer in the Piscean Age where rigid religious structures rule governments and people.

We are in the Aquarian Age, which is about a better balance with overview that makes sense for the greater whole not the rules of the past patterns.

Know that what you believe is not the only way and be willing to see things from another perspective. Be very wary of those who seem to have all the answers and act like a “know it all”.

This month you are getting emotionally geared up for action.

There is a square between the Sun and Neptune on the 1st of June and this can confuse your direction temporarily. You may have a hard time defining your actions and your goals, perhaps losing sight of reality and reason for now. This can be a time for increased spiritual awareness, imagination, and inspiration. There might be moments when comprehending all this might actually be a bit difficult, as your consciousness is opening to a new and previously unperceived reality.

It can be difficult knowing where or how to direct your willpower under this influence. It will also be a challenge to know where you stand with others. Avoid such things as scheduling surgery, important appointments, job interviews, or launches of new projects at this time, if possible. Venus will soon form a square with Neptune, and both bodies will oppose Saturn and square Jupiter, forming a Grand Cross from an ongoing T-square involving Saturn, Neptune, and Jupiter. The coming days call for adjustments of your expectations and can be big reality checks for your life.

June is an opportunity to connect with others and there is a great need to be more attuned to others right now. The Grand Mutable Cross at the end of May and into June is going to challenge what you think is reality.

This is especially difficult from the “Falling in Love” perspective.

Let’s just say that what you think is true about someone is probably your fantasy not the reality. So don’t make decisions on the dating front while these aspects are twisting truth and fiction around in such a dramatic fashion. Your own enthusiasm of feeling the freedom that is happening can override your more common sense aspect. Remember that nothing is what it seems for probably the whole month of June. At the end of the first week of June, the Sun and Venus start to angle up to Uranus (the surprise planet) in the sign of Aries (the “Go get it” sign of the zodiac) and this may create some changes in your plan or force you to deal with some more spontaneous choices happening in your world.

The Ruler of Gemini and Virgo (where the Sun, Venus, and Jupiter are right now), is Mercury and this is opposing a retreating Mars. The suggestion here is that there could some tussles over money, assets, or differences in values.

I expect a lot of direct political heated arguments but know that this aspect can also affect you personally.

Thank Goodness we have the charm of Venus to help you respond diplomatically. But even if you do your best, it might not be enough because Mercury is in the fixed and stubborn sign of Taurus and Mars in the volatile fixed sign of Scorpio.

This pattern is all about appropriateness. With all this intensity it may not work but at least it will be worth the effort in the long run. Learning to stand up for what you believe is important regardless.

The second Square between Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces is on the 17th of June and this is where you know that you are going to need a plan (of sorts) to make it through all this chaos and confusion.

This is designed to create a Crisis to Break Free of Limitations. It is time to use the knowledge you have gained and you also need to break free of old beliefs by dissolving them away and recognizing that they had value in the past to get you to this place but now they do not have the value that they used to. It is time to move on, move forward, and embrace the new ways. It is time to find the harmony with your intellect and your flow.

When these forces are out of balance and when knowing is heavily emphasized you need to know and are not willing to trust the intuitive part of your nature. When you trust the unknown and intuitive pattern more than your cognitive side you will not be able to translate that into the real world. When there is too much structure the needs of the people are not met in a spiritual and religious way. Religion, journalism, higher education and sports are going to be radically shifted. The old rules and patterns that are not longer important are blocking the flow and they will have to shift in a big way.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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