Astrology and Predictions for 2017


Astrology and Predictions for 2017

This year is still a bit crazy and wild. I know everyone wants to hear that everything is going to be great. I know that everyone is filled to the brim with negativity and anxiety about so many global and personal issues. I wish I could make it all go away but I can’t.

I will attempt to put out the truth with as much love and compassion as possible but it is important to remember this is a year to not feed the delusions. That is one of the main focuses and is how some of the major changes are going to manifest.

Part of how this may manifest is related to some major changes American’s have to their government and the media. Now, again, I don’t know how this is going to look. I don’t know if people are consciously shifting out of all this “reality” television stuff or if we will see a radical shift in how governments deal with the media (meaning censorship and active blocking of information). I don’t know if humanity has had enough with negative news and you will see a trend towards more positive stuff and those stations that continue to put out things that cause emotional upsets and triggers loosing sponsorship and people following them.

All I know is that there is going to be some sort of major shift in how you choose to connect to media and the news and how you choose to see government in its level of importance or lack of importance in your life. There is a very new pattern attempting to emerge. What that is going to completely look like I do not know but I know it will be nothing that any of us have seen before.

The intensity is not over and yet it can be exciting if you are willing to take moments to go slow and other moments to take charge and go forward. The key this year is to create a plan in January and then stick with that plan. You need to be careful because sometimes that driving energy inside is such a part of you and that you need to express it as a cathartic type of healing but that can make you careen off in the wrong direction if you are not careful. Be wary of the crazy impulses that make you go off half-cocked without thinking things through clearly. That is how you will get into trouble this year and how you can get lost and move off your planned path.

January is the time to take a look at what you need to accomplish by the end of the year when Saturn leaves Sagittarius in December of 2017. Think about the long-term goals rather than those short-termed moments of excitement where you can addictively feel better. That type of pattern can momentarily take you out of this fear, anxiety and depression but do not delude yourself into thinking that it has fixed the problem. January is the moment to figure out the new directions and the intentions that your soul needs to go into so you do not get off course by the chaotic distractions that are bound to happen this year.

This is a year where there is still astrologically quite a bit of this very mutable energy that seems so destabilizing to many of us and leaves us with anxiety and a feeling that life and the world are out of control.

Also in this year, there is a lot fire energy that is going to reeve you up and then drop you like a stone if you are not careful. Don’t let yourself get caught up in the crazy mutability that is out there. Don’t let your anger and fire get out of control. Don’t believe any huge distorted or exaggerated statements that are going to be out there in the media.

This year you will feel that you need to go in a direction that you don’t want to go. This is not a stable year so remember that just when you think everything is finally going a bit better, expect suddenly for everything to shift drastically in other directions. This year, you cannot let your guard down. Vigilance is required in all activities and interactions with others.

You might ask, “Why is this happening?” And the answer is that you are being asked by the universe to let go of your personal fears. This year many of the angry planets that were in Scorpio (in 2016), which were making things personal and internal are now going to be happening more externally.

You are going to have to deal with the outer world, the real world, and the things that directly impact your life. And most of those things are now beyond your own personal control. That is going to create a shift in how you prioritize your life.

There is a Pluto/Uranus square that is still only about 3 degrees away. When something is within 3 degrees we consider it a direct hit so we are still navigating that delusional/crazy/neurotic energy this whole year. Especially at the beginning of the year there is still a feeling of living on a radical awakening edge that you were not prepared to do. You are being called to come into your personal power and to take the time you need to see the deeper layers and issues that are impacting you. Take a look at why you are not stepping up and into whom you really came to be. You are looking for freedom but constraint and upset seems everywhere. That is why you have to be your best and strongest you!

But what does that mean exactly for you in your life?

When you step out of the boxes that have kept you safe and helped define your success, you recognize that those were all illusions. Now the governments are also not going to be any help, so you will finally realize that you have to do it for yourself. You have to be the freedom that you seek. You have to learn to embody it. This is a moment when the training wheels come off your bike. You are going to have to attempt this shift without support or guarantees that you have been gifted with for many years.

This has the potential to create for you a new kind of truth. Something bigger than the illusion is attempting to break through to your conscious self. But with this new freedom also comes a new set of rules and those rules have their own type of restriction because now you are going to have to create a totally different life than what you thought you were creating. And you have to live that life within your own integrity regardless of what the external world is doing. You are free because you will choose to be free not because freedom is handed to you.

And freedom is not going to be handed to you. It is you that is going to define this new you and this new freedom. For each person this will look different. For each person it is going to be a deeply personal journey. You will have to create the steps so you can reach your personal castle.

This year is about claiming your own spiritual mastery.

This is a year where you will see the real and highly qualified spiritual teachers emerge powerfully and strong against the current of negativity and fear. And those that “act” enlightened will be seen as children rather than masters of the physical realm that they have been pretending to be. The divide between those that are conscious and unconscious are going to be the most extreme you have ever witnessed. The outcomes of that are going to be interesting as those with common spiritual values will come together for healing, community, and support.

There is an eclipse on February 26th that conjuncts with Neptune in Pisces creating a big conflict between government and the open-ended reality of the media, Internet, and news.

The question is “What do you Believe?”

This is an unprecedented aspect and no one really knows the answers or how this will turn out. So don’t trust those that pretend they have all the answers and don’t follow people that seem certain and completely believe in their own self-created delusion. This is very tough astrology so you are going to have to listen to you.

Many years ago when I was channeling the angels spoke to me of a time after 2014 that each person was going to have to have their own direct connection to the divine and they would have to trust that more than they trusted external sources that could potentially validate their ego or prejudices. Each person’s path is going to be uniquely different and tailored to your particular lessons and gifts that are emerging. This is where you learn the big difference between true spiritual alignment and your ego making things up.

The Internet has created a world where there are no limits to the lies that can be used to manipulate others and the world. We live in a world where there are many out there with toxic ideas, hate in their souls, and they want to infect as many people as possible to the delusions and the distorted world in which they live. This creates a very dangerous circumstance and potentially a dangerous world.

Once again, such circumstances sort those that are truly awake from those that are essentially asleep. You will have to feel and intuit what is correct for your soul, your family, and your spiritual progression. No one out there can make those choices for you and if you listen to others you may end up in a situation that is worse than if you listened to that quiet whisper attempting to tell you about another option. In many circumstances none of us may know what the actual outcome will be.

There is a serious shift happening in this world. Who are you going to trust? The media? Your government? Notice that you have problems with both. Notice that astrologically we are shifting the nodes from the Virgo/Pisces energy to the Leo/Aquarius energy. This is a huge shift.

With the South Node moving into Aquarius this year you will discover that old patterns are dying at a rapid rate. I expect there will be some sort of restrictions coming into the Internet with this aspect. What saves all of us is that the North Node will be in Leo and that leaves much up to YOU.

YOU will have to make some big decisions about what you wish to allow into your consciousness. It is now completely your responsibility as to what you focus on and what you wish to bring into the world. Never has this been more important. Now I recognize that every one of you have come in to this world and this incarnation for a variety of reasons; personal, global, professional, spiritual, creative, etc. Not everyone is called to be a keeper of dreams. Not everyone is called to be a warrior for truth. Those are very different karmic and dharmic assignments. So be very careful whom you judge. Remember that you do not know their mission. You can only know your own.

There are many things that have the potential to turn very sour this year for humanity. Certain types of television shows are going to loose popularity. Humanity is sick and tired of the negativity that the media has been dishing out and causing distress, fear, anger, and hatred.

I believe that out of this horror will come those with a new type of voice and inspiration. A new way to show and express what is important. And we have the potential as a people to step out of the shallowness of our present existence and into a much bigger reality.

That is my prayer from all this energy and astrology this year.

I believe that there is going to be a drastic turn out of this pleasure negative society and that there will be masses of people seeking teachers and wisdom keepers that can take us to the next level. And the old traditional ways are breaking down and dissipating out of their fear tactics and negativity. They will see that what they dished out is now coming back to them. Many of those old ways are going to die off. It is time. They need to die, as they do not reflect the higher calling for humanity any more. They have shown their true colors and they are as unpalatable as the Internet and media this year. The projection of hatred is going to backfire on those groups that have been feeding the negativity and darkness and finally we will see a shift into a new world order that is about the compassion and love of humanity rather than the horror and suffering that we have been being force fed.

There are going to be new media outlets and patterns that step us beyond this old paradigm and into a very new place. The world needs hope and people will fall into the places that give them that with a type of honesty that can be worked with constructively rather than truth that is designed to make people victims and support them collapsing into hopelessness, fear, and anger.

Popular trends are dying off and need to be changed. 2017 lays bare the distortion and forces us in the collapse of systems to generate and create much better patterns that have a higher calling and serve this world and humanity on a more conscious and compassionate way.

There is a Venus retrograde in March into April right after the eclipses in February. As this retrograde is happening at 0 degrees it adds energy to this major cleansing globally. Our relationships and our values are going to shift. Venus will go back and forth three times over this stop just in case you are not fully getting the message.

The beginning of April through May is going to be the most extreme time for each of us. If you are lost in the patterns of the Virgo/Pisces Nodes and attempting to use those old patterns for support then know that they are not going to work and what will show up are your addictions to certain patterns, tools, and perceptions.

Spiritual energy is not outside of you. It is not a tool or a teaching from your past. You are going to be asked to live your truth. Express your authentic self and hold out compassionate hands to help others. If you are living your life in a clear and clean manner you will be less confused. But you do need to pay attention to the words, energies, and actions from the outside that will attempt to pull you down.

It is important to put your energy into the places where you need to shift into. That is your primary and really only focus this year. You have to find what is essential for your progression into this new reality.

Jupiter goes retrograde in February and opposes Uranus and that just adds to the mix of feeling lost, feeling out of touch with your deepest purpose, and seeking a place to stand more clearly and cleanly as you move further into this year.

One of the strange moments will be February 10-the end of April. That is where the stresses are going to get intense.

While you are in January attempt to be as focused and directed as you can because there is so much hitting after the 6th of February that the emotions and feelings may create confusion and interrupt the intentions you have attempted to create in January.

From Feb 10th onward you have to really connect to the things that you love and the things that give you joy.

Expect to fully be engaged in “your” new reality from the end of May through the fall, or at least until Jupiter shifts into Scorpio on October 10th. There is a lot that is going down during that time so follow your personal impulses and the subtle whispers from your guides and angels.

What I completely appreciate and feel is that the angels and guides are right now on “High Alert”. I have never felt in my lifetime such a large presence of spirit attempting to contain a cosmic explosion such as this. That gives me hope. That makes me know that somehow this is part of a bigger plan.

Take comfort in that.

Mercury Retrograde happens in Taurus on April 9th and that is right after the eclipses and both Venus and Mars are in their detriment. So these planets are not happy and will add to a deep feeling of loss.

With Saturn also trining Uranus you have to recognize that the slower, the more organized and consistent path is the one that is going to get you there. Nothing (and I mean nothing) will move as fast as you think. And there are moments the first 4 months that you have a glimmer of hope that you might just get what you want quickly.

But you will not.

Saturn and Mercury both will go retrograde at almost the same moment in April. Then the full moon happens while Jupiter is retrograde. Know that not much is going to happen until the Nodes change on May.

As much as anyone wants to…. This year just isn’t going to have the push and power that you wish, want, or desire. But you can make consistent, slow and steady progress if you let go of your need for instant gratification.

The end of May is really where the astrology finally has some stability, grounding, and teeth.

In June there is a full moon in Sagittarius, and Jupiter goes direct, giving a lot of positive energy around June 9th. In that moment you will see the possibility but you will finally understand that you do not have the tools in place to make that dream into a reality.

There is a new moon that is conjunct Mars July 23rd and that is a great time of the year. There is a cosmic opening that can allow you to see how to create the dream.

August 12th Mercury goes retrograde. And August 7th there is a full moon and you will find yourself in a very karmic space. What does that means to you personally? That is going to be dependent as to what is happening with these aspects in your personal chart. This is a moment when a great astrologer could be a lifesaver or at the very least your best support to understand the lessons and options.

August 22 through September 25th it is important to stay on track and get the things done that you previously agreed to do. No excuses. No delays. Just do what is right in front of you and what the universe puts on your plate. Take it slow and deal with the small pieces attempting to come into place.

September until the end of October there is a lot of positivity attempting to realign your deepest purpose with the new emerging and bigger global perspective. Expect a lot of shifting as we come into the final phase of Saturn in Sagittarius, which ends the middle of December.

At the end of this year your personal mantra is to “stay on track”. If you just do that you will feel more positive. You will have more excitement and a feeling that you can manifest some very new things, as you will feel very different. You have been through a fire and you are finally beginning to see the results of your hard labors and huge effort you have put into this year.

November is good but Neptune is doing strange things to everyone. Saturn is squaring Chiron. Your hope wants to expand and your ambition wants to get things started but many things are going to fail again and again. Great patience is going to be required. You are going to have to keep picking yourself up and keep going. Don’t let the illusions feel so real that when they fall apart you are devastated. Know that you cannot follow the old trends but you are going to have to follow your own path. Know that not everyone is going to follow you. You may be alone. And that might actually be just perfect.

December 18th and 19th is going to be the beginning of a lot of weird stuff and you are going to confront your reality to see if you really are ready to step into what you need to do. If you are not in control of your life, then your energy is going to diminish because you are leaking energy from all those holes that the fear and anger created for you. The only option is to be congruent because Saturn going into Capricorn is going to force everyone to get very “Real”. You cannot play any more games by the time Saturn goes into Capricorn. Life is going to get serious and you need to realize that before we get there. Saturn in Capricorn is all about being prepared. If you have done the work and are feeling prepared then you will be grounded in your truth and know how and when to step. Though that may be all you will know because seeing too far into the future is not what Saturn in Capricorn is about.

The Mercury Retrogrades this year start in Earth and end in Fire. You are going to have to deal with the real world issues and then decide what are you going to do about that. Ask the question, “What about that real world inspires you to take action?”

No more talking about it.

You are going to have to stand on some ground. You are going to have to pick a place to be your stability and your fortress. You are going to have to keep that safe and protected and hold your heart as most sacred. If you are living in a disconnected state this could be a very difficult time for you. If you are prepared for what needs to be dealt with, then know that you have matured and grown up. That is what Saturn in Capricorn asks of each of us. And only grown up, spiritually conscious, and emotionally mature people will be able to manifest this real world reality that is coming.

Capricorn will acknowledge and provide the money and power for those that do the work. If you are not willing to do what needs to be done before Saturn goes into Capricorn you will not have the tools in place to build what you want in your life.

You are building a castle. But you have to be prepared and have all the men, tools, and product on the site before you build this castle. If you do not have all those pieces in place then attempting to get them (such as after a Hurricane, like after Hurricane Katrina), then you may wait a long time because those that are prepared will be ready to spring into action and Saturn in Capricorn wants to build, but even more it likes to be ready.

If you are one of those that have done the work, are prepared, and know what it is going to take to make it happen, Saturn in Capricorn will reward you. Saturn home in its sign of Capricorn is impressed by planning and effort. But it is up to you to prepare and to put in the energy required to make this new life happen.

This year, don’t waste your energy. That fire energy that you are so addicted to is going to go out when Saturn goes into Capricorn. If you are not in alignment with your highest spiritual self…. you may fail.

Those spiritual teachers who are stable and practice what they preach will make a difference. The universe will back those that are compassionate and do the work because those are the souls who are aligned with a higher calling in this crazy time.

You need to be aligned with people that you love and trust. You need to have help in being prepared for what is coming.

Are you going to stand up for what you know is right for you?

Are you going to be prepared for what is happening or are you going to hide in your illusions?

Only those with heart and those who are connected to you on a deep spiritual level will be able to walk this path with you. Old alliances are going to fall apart. If you do not stand up you may get lost in the storm or the stampede of energy, emotions, and people.

You can lead or you can be lead.

It is up to you.

What you believe is either going to help you or trap you.

All great creations take time and things are going to be a lot harder than you might want them to be. Enjoy the positive while it happens but stay real, because there is hard work is ahead. You cannot avoid it so embrace it and find peace in that truth.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Please note: I have had some visions about this next year but I am not putting them out at this time because I believe we (as a human consciousness) stand on the brink of a huge choice. That choice can pull things one way or another. I have written them down with a time stamp to see if they actually happen or if I am completely off. Regardless know that should they come up and actually come about. I will respond to them at that time. I believe that what you put out there can manifest when there is enough energy put into things. There are quite a few things that I have seen that I choose not to put energy into. Thank you for understanding.


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