January 10, 2023

Astrology for 1/11/2023

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Astrology for Today 1/11/2023


The Moon in Virgo makes those details really matter. Its often the small things that can be the most important in the creation of something.
Today, marvel at those tiny things that we often overlook.
Such as … really looking at sand on the beach. If you really look at sand … you will see that it is moving. I do not say this to creep people out, but there are small microbes and bugs in sand that are alive and moving around. Tiny sea creatures living on the edges of the wave as the water hits. The same is true with dirt but often harder to see without a microscope.
Remember that what sustains many larger forms of life are those small creatures that we often miss and, in our busyness, do not notice.
Marvel in the mysteries of the subtle realms. It will make life seem less boring and alive.
Mercury and Uranus will connect with the Moon in positive ways and that can help pull us out of a funk. Things seem to come easier and in ways that seem unique and original.
Mars is considering coming out of retrograde (in 2 days) and honestly, I can’t wait for Mars to shift, then Mercury (on the 18th) and then Uranus after that. Here is California we are all hunkered down because of these Atmospheric Rivers hitting non-stop.
Mercury and Venus will semi-sextile and it will seem as if we are stumbling over our words.
Let the hearts expression lead and the words will move from a more conscious and loving place.
We seem to need to continue to adapt to many changing circumstances and that ability to flow before we go … may be the best solution to understand others better rather than just rush past them.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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