January 13, 2023

Astrology for 1/14/2023

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Astrology for Today 1/14/2023

The Moon in Libra reminds us of balance, especially if that balance seems lost. There is a restlessness as we see out the eyes of greater awareness. We are moving towards a New Moon and it seems there are preparations necessary to embrace is fully.

Ideas expand and the details flow outward for more creative expression. We are looking at things with a more mature eye and we understand ourselves from a new place and perspective.
Saturn holds a big stick and makes things feel a bit heavier than anticipated. It will semi-sextile the Sun and this aspect trying to get us to become more aware and awake in this perfect moment. It shows us that responsibility is not a chore but just what life requires. Things seem to pull us in directions that we did not anticipate.

There is a lure of freedom and the expression of that is attempting to break us free of the minds obligations to others or any situation that wishes to restrict our creative flow.

Uranus and Venus will square and that points cautiously for us to notice where we feel challenged and to know that we will have to stand firm in our personal values once again. While we want to feel connected … the lure of freedom is stronger than our impulsivity and those things that attract us only to stop us from expressing something that wants a voice from deep inside.

Stay the course. Follow the creative impulses inside and step away from the obligations and responsibilities that others throw at us to slow us down, delay us and stop us from our greater purpose.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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