Astrology for 1/18/2023

Astrology for Today 1/18/2023

The Moon in Sagittarius continues to empower our adventurous side.

Mercury finally begins to come out of retrograde and hopefully over the next few weeks, the knots of frustration over the many glitches that had arisen will untie themselves and bring us to a place where we feel less overwhelmed mentally and more in a clear mindset.
Answers we seek are forthcoming and things that have been stuck will roll forward at a reasonable pace.

Things have been tight, and the stress levels have been demoralizing for many. But we are making progress, even as this tediously slow process continues to uncurl.
Personally, I would put off big decisions for the moment. Best to not get ahead of the energy that is unkinking.
Certain conversations can be put off … still and there is no rush to try to explain to others when minds are still closed and egos are trying to defend their positions.
I know that the feelings inside … want us to move. But patience is learned the hard way too often. And leaping into situations where others are not open … only gives them fuel to find something (once again) wrong with us.

Learning to master our own thoughts and feelings is quite a task. Pay attention to your own world first. If we cannot master stillness and observation in our own small reality, we cannot have any lasting impact on the bigger, outer world.

Expect a bump in work realities. We are in a recession even though no one wants to use that word. Let things unfold. Remember, that all shifts are for a greater good in the long run.
It is best to keep eliminating things that are no longer needed or useful.
~Suzanne Wagner~



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