Astrology for 1/26/2023

Astrology for Today 1/26/2023

I am sure everyone is noticing the energy that seems to keep ramping up. We are all in a place of tension as we prepare in March for two outer planets to change signs. For some that is putting them emotionally over the edge. For others it seems to be physically breaking them.

Seems there is too much to do, too many things to get done in a day, too much on our plate, and the feeling that we can’t get anything done to our level of satisfaction.

Welcome to this new accelerated Aquarian world. This new speed is going to continue whether we like it or not. We are all being asked to ramp up and kick out of neutral gear and into at least 4th.
With the Moon in fiery Aries, our approach seems direct and somewhat confrontative.
Venus goes into Pisces and that will attempt to put some grease on those wheels so they stop squeaking, but that can make some upset if they are not getting what they want and they believe they desire.
While we may want to run away from all this responsibility … that is clearly not going to be possible. The old boundaries that we had implemented are not working and it seems that there are those that now demand more from us. Not just to be mean but because they are falling apart and seem unable to address those things.
We will see this more in the older population and those that are ill and whose health is breaking down.

Know that some major things cannot be avoided and that we are going to need to have greater awareness and a deepening compassion for those suffering that are a part of our family or spiritual family.
Much is going to be asked from each of us. Most pastimes that gave us pleasure will have to wait. Escape is not an option.

Embrace the effort that this moment will require and know that what is being asked of you is essential. There are new lessons ahead that will stretch you to the max. But you can do it with less upset if you stop resisting what is.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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