Astrology for 1/28/2023

Astrology for Today 1/28/2023

The Moon in Taurus longs for the familiar and desires us to embrace the next level of challenges in this game called our life.
Many actions will be taking place over the next few months. Most of them are going to be completely new and unfamiliar. Know that it is a process to find the path that will work in the long run. Understand that we are at the beginning and things will take time.
The stress is causing more discord and finding the energy to do it all is going to be difficult.
Neptune is semi-squaring the Sun in Aquarius and that is making us feel disoriented and some decisions are not easy to make.
For some we feel pulled off our path because of the demands of others. That causes us to become challenged in our old rhythms and patterns as they become disrupted and seem to not make any sense.
We need more downtime but that now seems to be an illusion because of how much seems to be loading up on our plate.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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