Astrology for 1/6/2023

Astrology for Today 1/6/2023

We have a Full Moon approaching this evening. Many may not see it because of cloud cover and its early daylight peak, but we will feel it and know it is there because this Full Moon in Cancer opens up our intuitive side, and that part that wishes to care and share.

As we are having storms on the West Coast, notice that there are things pulling family together and that give us a deep appreciation for those that nurture us in healthy ways.
This deepening Moon will connect with Uranus and the North Node, gently turning us back to what is right, true, and connected to the divine. Look at your past with new and more opened eyes. Know that an honest personal evaluation of self, is at hand.
We can never take another on our ride.
They have their own karmic journey to master and ours will eternally call us to ours.
We notice the past today … to see where we got off track and need to reconnect to the stars that are trying to direct us towards the hopes and dreams of our deepest yearning.
Saturn and Neptune will semi-sextile and that will ask more of us because if we have been being ambivalent, it is going to show us that the active process will require our full participation now.

We may notice if we have become a slave to our obligations.
Or if we have decided to run from them.
While avoidance of those obligations is never the proper route to take, those things that feed into our inadequacy and tear at our self-confidence are revealed as counterproductive and unhelpful.

The discomfort we feel is what the angels use when we are stuck and not moving. This is how dreams die and how the mind will then bury those dreams and take them from our heart.

Many will finally be seeking a middle ground in their life.
The extremes have been revealed to be us trying to escape what is actually required from us to learn and evolve.
The spiritual goals have shifted. We can see something far in the distance. Now is the time to traverse that snowy landscape and discover what a more practical approach to our spiritual side might just look like.

~Suzanne Wagner~



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