Astrology for 2/25/2023

Astrology for 2/25/2023

The Moon in Taurus prepares to shift into Gemini this morning. Are you ready? Better be! There is so much that will change shortly.

Yes, I know you are feeling split into two places. Yes, I know you are tired and exhausted.

Perhaps you can use this day to allow yourself to become more than one. The influence of the Moon in the sign of the twins of Gemini give permission for an expanded perception. And maybe that will help each of us get up and get going.

I know that a part of us wants to draw the line. But rocking the boat in a storm is not wise when the water is freezing. You will be asked to make an extraordinary effort today in some way. And in that moment, you will feel as if you are not sure of the appropriate direction.
At least you won’t be alone in that feeling.
Just know that you will probably feel as if you lack the clarity to make such a profound decision. But you only need to come from a place of authenticity to know that your choice will work if you are sincere in your intention.
Expect a few wrenches to get thrown your way. Mercury and Venus will semi-square and that pattern just loves to make thing confusing and choices hard.

Concentration mentally is going to feel way off base. But your moment to be irritated with that will have to wait. Observe and wait … on the will of heaven.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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