March 18, 2023

Astrology for 3/19/2023

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Astrology for 3/19/2023


With the Moon still in Aquarius this morning, we are trying to pull many things together to allow for a better understanding as to the positions and intentions of others. But the Moon will move into Pisces also this morning and that will ask us to deepen our resolve and shift us towards dealing with the emotional impact of such a transitional time.

This astrology is stirring many things up and much seems muddled and throwing people into states of confusion.
Mercury goes into Aries and will be there till the beginning of April. For some this will help some make decisions that are required and necessary.
For others it can make them very impatient and scared.
If a mind wants to dwell in the past and not move into the future … then the weeks ahead will make some outside of us make tough decisions on how to help us.
Objectivity seems to not be moving some … in the direction of sanity.
We will see bold actions from those in positions of power.
We will see others distracted, erratic, confused, and uncertain with this Uranus semi-square Mercury.
For those on the edge, there is a lot of distraction that makes some need to rush to complete some project that is in their mind.
But things are not clearly defined, and much will get left by the wayside because the mind cannot grasp certain things.

Train the mind to be consistent and methodical. Know that this pattern can move us out of restrictive patterns if we will follow the currents coming in.

Let new things become refreshing and open us to wonder.

All we can do is embrace this most precious moment fully.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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