Astrology for 3/4/2023

Astrology for 3/4/2023

The Moon in Leo celebrates this life with good cheer. It opens us up to love to all the things we have been afraid to face. It reminds us that we must learn to honor and respect the values of everyone. It supports us in being kind when life seems to ask too much from us.
Karma is the result when we do not accept this current moment … right now.
When we try to make up a story that is not true in order to feel better … or when we make ourselves into the hero … when we are just another character in this journey called life, that takes away the magic that this moment offers.
Karma dissolves if we allow in our full presence.
Karma only happens when we deny the truth right that is in front of our eyes.

Denial is the demon at the doorway to new awareness.
There are channels of energy and ecstasy that are the threads that create this tapestry of our experience. When we do not allow all the potential energies to flow and we do not allow in … the ecstasy and joys that this world offers, we cause harm to our own experience and limit the gifts that we can embrace from our earth walk.
Today, there are some technical and logistical issues that arise. Know that we prefer to walk separate and alone for the moment. The quiet will allow us to better integrate all that has happened over the past few months.

As Saturn prepares to move from Aquarius to Pisces on the 8th, reflect on how hard this Saturn had to push you and others around you to make this change that has been essential to find that new flow and more peace of mind.

Recognize that this past year was to get you to a safer place and one that will work better for everyone.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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