Astrology for 4/30/2023

Astrology for 4/30/2023

The Moon in Virgo all day makes us need to get more organized and bring things into a better balance logistically. Sometimes getting all the pieces put together is difficult to do. But our mind is more flexible and very adaptable to what is arising currently, and we have the intellect to make a plan, and stick to that plan.
The Moon will trine the Sun and Mercury later in the day and that makes us need to express what we feel and what we need. Just remember that conversations need to be that give and take. It is tough to remember to listen to the words and insights of others when we are desperate to share our own.
Today is that day when we can feel busy but also feel accomplished in the activities that we are engaged with. Stay the course. Deal with the details. There are bigger goals that can make us see new ways to deal with old issues. Look for those that can help us find options that we had not seen or considered.

Suzanne Wagner~


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