Astrology for 4/8/2023

Astrology for 4/8/2023

The Moon in Scorpio asks us to look below the surface to see what is hidden in the deep water of our subconscious.
Truths are never close to the surface. Truths are layered and deep. Truths are unveiled as we learn to open more. Truths are the journey to self-awareness.
While truths can be personal and deeply intimate. They are also at the core of the meaning and purpose of life. While something can be true to you in this moment. A decade from now that truth may be seen as childish, naïve, and something from the mind rather than something that is deeply experienced and from the heart.
Truths can become wisdom when they are fully experienced and brought into the awareness through the effort and intent of the soul.
Today, there is a curious question sitting on the surface wanting your attention. With the Mars/Mercury sextile, we have the tools to actively uncover a deeper meaning and layer. Watch for some moment to entice you into action and make you interested in some discussion or the sharing of thoughts and ideas.
The Sun and Saturn will semi-square and it can make things seem more intense and make us want to protect those we love.
It seems there is more on our plate today and some things seem to weigh heavy on our mind.
Just know that we may not get much progress today. But do what is necessary and take a moment to sit and find a better balance within instead of trying to fight the outer world.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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