Astrology for 5/1/2023

Astrology for 5/1/2023

While the Moon will shift out of Virgo and into Libra tomorrow, today, use this detailed energy to get those small, pesky things finished that have been taking up too much space on that list for too long.
I plan to use this day for cleaning and clearing out things that need a bit of extra time and energy.
But the big (and I mean BIG) news of the day in the astrology department is the Pluto Retrograde. Today, Pluto decides to take us backwards to take us into some of this enormous energy that is causing us to change so much. If you are struggling to find a way to keep up with it all. You are not alone.
Mixed that with the Moon in Virgo that wants to find a new order so we can relax … with Pluto that just loves the progressive changes that are necessary … and it is no wonder that some seem to be feeling overwhelmed.
With Pluto going backward, it gives us a chance to play a game of catchup.
Expect things to feel heavy all day. Some of us may feel less than amiable. Control seems illusive and power seems confusing. That is because problems just seem to not want to quit.
We will be asked over the next few months to really … honestly … look at the reasons we want the control and recognize that we need a deeper insight into who and what we are really here for.
Pluto will back up into Capricorn on June 11th where it will stay for the rest of the year. But January 2024, we are all being ushered into a very new reality that will last for the next 19 years. And so, it is a very critical moment to get things straight in our own head before we decide to birth this new energy into the world. Because this powerful Aquarian Age does not want to rehash the old stuff, it wants new ways, new ideas, new technologies, and to see a more humanistic potential that cares about this world and all the life that lives here with us.
There is a feeling that we are birthing something very precious and new. There is a desire to fully release the old and find another path. And there is a feeling that we are all very raw right now and vulnerable.
What we say or do for the rest of this year could have a greater impact than we might normally realize.
We need to find facts that allow us to make dreams become reality. While we cannot see all the steps that will arise on this new path, we will need to embrace them fully and without delay. After all, we only have till the end of the year to get things … as organized as we can … before the powerful astrological forces will propel us into this very new adventure.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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