Astrology for 5/12/2023

Astrology for 5/12/2023

The Moon spends one more day in Aquarius and that gives us objectivity and an ability to be fair in our engagements with others.
There is a New Moon approaching next week and as we try to tie up all the bits and pieces before that moment, know that some of us will feel as if we need to have a huge let go and that it is time to surrender up what we know we can no longer handle.
Seems there have been a lot of small things building up and it is becoming clear that a lot of patterns are going to move in new directions.
We are looking to find situations that can allow us to be more practical today. That is because the Mercury Retrograde is going to connect to Saturn and bring us tools and people to help us find our way through this somewhat confusing time.
This evening, that same Mercury will sextile to Venus and that allows a very cooperative environment to move forward and with the encouragement of affectionate souls supporting us, we will find that new path.
Seems that those in our past are fondly remembered and we feel more connected to what really matters. It seems our head is more level, and we are shifting our mindset towards finding a more constant flow to what we need to do next.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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