Astrology for 5/18/2023

Astrology for 5/18/2023

The New Moon in Taurus longs for a pause and a break. So much has been unfolding that many of us feel as if we are a horse that is being worked to death. That is why today, it is important to do some things that pamper us and allow us to find the pathways that will lead us to more care and comfort. If we will not put ourselves first, know that others will not do it for us, nor will others learn to respect us.
Regardless, of what has transpired, know that you need to honor all that you have done and with the third and last pass of Mercury and Saturn, we are much more mentally prepared than previously. We want more order to support this new level of growth that is happening.
Today, the Sun and Neptune will sextile and that allows our intuition to flow and our imagination to soar. Listen to those whispers as our instincts are more on track.
Accept all and allow the differences to illuminate and enhance our experience. We recognize that there are profound meanings in even the small observations at this time. Listen and know that there are forces outside us that will allow us to become more inspired and supportive of the journeys of others, even if their paths are not ours. Timing has been astonishing, and we have to revel in that fact that forces in the universe have been stepping up to help.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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