Astrology for 5/20/2023

Astrology for 5/20/2023

The Moon in Gemini allows us to move into a more mentally active state of being. Ideas form and take new shapes and we are being asked to see both sides of situations and to recognize that options do exist.
Mars goes into Leo, and this will open doors that seemed to (previously) not exist. It will continue to do this until the 10th of July. Confidence blooms and things seem more grand than usual. We feel more assured that the universe is somehow listening, and we are seeking to find things that will move us in a more direct and straight line to our goals. We are attempting to be more encouraging to ourselves and others and the details now do not seem as overwhelming as they had been.
Our sense of courage and determination fuels our passions towards finding a more complete way to exist in this world … because of so much rapid change that has happened since Pluto went into Aquarius.
Mars (at the beginning degrees) will oppose Pluto at almost 0 degrees. This opens eyes, removes those mental blinders that the ego tried to use to stop us from knowing and understanding what is coming next.
Let’s just say that for some … this aspect will make people more stressed and strained. For others it will really help them to see where they have been resisting and the battles that they have been waging inside their own minds.
If you are a person who usually gets their way by pushing others around, you will discover that most are not going to be a pushover at this time. In fact, you will probably experience a wall of resistance that may shock you.
Today, is a good day to see those patterns that have been sabotaging our dreams and making us loose power.
We cannot help but notice what are the deeper motivations to all our actions.
We notice things that have been difficult to understand and gain new insights into complicated issues that can and will change our perspective and if we give them the energy required, they can drastically change our lives.
Seems it is time to clear out a lot of emotional garbage that has been blocking the light from becoming fully realized.
If you feel frustrated with yourself, that is the beginning of no longer blaming external circumstances for what has transpired. That will allow us to see how our own ego has placed on our path, many objects that were designed to trip us up and make us feel incompetent and unable to navigate many things past and present.
With awareness, we can figure out how to sweep the rocks to the side of the trail that want to make us cautious. Then we can move ahead with more confidence.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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