Astrology for 5/21/2023

Astrology for 5/21/2023

We move into the Gemini Sun today and this will linger for all of us to enjoy until June 21st.
We want to wake up each day and learn more, bring into our lives new things and socialize in fun ways. Let your curiosity be your guide and become aware of the many options that can bring fascinating conversations to us. While this can make things interesting it can also make us feel more scattered. That is why focus is going to be essential going forward. Look at both sides of all arguments and know that an objective mind helps create calmer souls.
Pluto and the Sun will trine and that makes us very effective in our endeavors. Successes can be ours if we are willing to use our intelligence for the greater good. Share those things that matter to you with others.
Allow those interests to bring new skills to light and new people into the mix. It is time to eliminate things that are pulling us down and know that we want near us those that have a similar type of conviction and purpose.
The Sun and Mars will sextile and this is going to boost our passions and make us want to take action.
This is a great aspect to give us more energy to be ambitious in getting necessary things done.
Seems that now the enthusiasm is moving us forward, and we feel more confident in getting important projects finished.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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