Astrology for 5/27/2023

Astrology for 5/27/2023

With the Moon in meticulous Virgo, there are many things on our plate, and it also seems many agendas to navigate through. What needs to be done is paramount and we are all seeking to find what will allow us to finally rest.
Today, it is less about those things that need doing and more about accepting what is clearly visible.

In all lives there are big moments of change and on a universal level, the astrology is asking us to “Go places that we have never gone before!”
All this change is going to be very healing, despite how it may feel in the moment. Details emerge from the distortions of past trying in a crisp and clear light of honest evaluations. Order springs out of the chaos of our youthful attempts at thinking we always need to do more, and we begin to rest from a more mature place of knowing that the answers others seek are theirs to discover in their own way.
We are at the Quarter Moon, and while this compels us to take actions … those actions need to be more in alignment with us on a deeper level and less about others.
Venus and Saturn are heading towards heavier places in which those that carry anxiety will seem more troubled.
Today, stay centered and know that the path you are currently on is the one that is most essential for you to play out.
There are many obstacles ahead and this is where we must allow others who are skilled in ways that we are not, take control and lead.
We do not need to know all the answers. We only need to know and respect those that perhaps do.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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